A highlight from INFAMOUS: The Setagaya Family Murders

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On december thirty first two thousand instead of guy award in western tokyo a woman named ruko decides to call her family. How rude goes and older lady and she lives right next door to her daughter. Yesica miyazawa and yasuko s- family includes her husband mikio their daughter nina. Who's eight and their son ray. Who so as you might imagine for a family that all lives in close proximity like this. They're all pretty tight. Knit so haruko calls over to their house. But there's no answer at first. She doesn't think that this is weird. I mean it's possible that nobody's near the phone. Whatever but it's also new year's eve and sunday so they should be at home already awake like at the very least. The kids are gonna want breakfast soon. So maybe that's what's keeping them from answering but as she keeps calling and calling without an answer eventually she starts to wonder what the heck is going on between ten and ten thirty that morning she decides you know what i'm just going to go over and see them in person again. She's like right next door but when she knocks on the door. There's nothing no answer. No commotion from inside just silence growing more concerned. She finally uses her spare key just to let herself in but the second that the door swings open her life changes forever. The very first thing she sees when she walks inside is her son in law covered in blood lying at the foot of the stairs. He isn't moving at all and there are stab wounds and cuts all over his body. Oh my god now. I don't know what i do in that situation. Freeze breakdown running. Fear a free Whoever did that to him was still in the house but not haruko. Though she has to be terrified and sick to her stomach with grief she is overcome with a protective instinct. That forces her up the stairs calling out for her daughter and grandchildren hoping beyond hope that they're ok with as soon as she reaches the top of the stairs all of that hope rushes out of her body because they're lying in the hallway in the space between the bathtub and the toilet rooms. She finds her daughter and granddaughter. There tangled together if they died trying to protect one another but couldn't they're covered in vicious cuts from above their chests up to their faces. And it's almost too horrible for her to even comprehend what she's seeing in her panicked state. She tries to revive them but they're cold and there's too much blood too many stab wounds. She finds her little grandson ray. The youngest member of the family last. He's still in bed and though he isn't bloody he too is dead and cold to the touch. Haruko runs to call. Police officers rushed to the scene right from the very start. They're appalled by the sheer brutality of these crimes. But in the middle of all of this hor they can't help but notice that the scene is a little odd for one. The place is a mess like the computer's. Mouse has been knocked off the desk. There are papers scattered. Everywhere drawers have been pulled out of the desks and dressers and they're stacked on top of each other. There is even one of the drawers upstairs emptied out and dumped in front of the toilet near where the women are found like. It appears that the killer or someone took this drawer. Brought it into the bathroom tossed everything that was in the drawer into the bafta. Which by the way is also filled with water. Then put the empty drawer down in front of the toilet but what was in majeure they dumped out as far as i can tell just papers some of which are bloody actually now. I don't know if the documents in their held any kind of significance or what. Because there was nothing i could find about what types of papers. They were or why they might have been destroyed. But the aren't the only thing police find in the tub. There's a bloody white towel. And at least part of a bloody sanitary pad from the looks of it. Police think that both items were used to try and clean up blood from the crime. Now there's no way to know this for sure right there at the scene but police have this inkling right away that the blood that was cleaned up the blood on the towel on that pad might actually belong to the killer. Why do they think that will mean for one. There doesn't seem to be any visible attempts to clean up the blood from the victims like from the floors from the walls. Nothing like that and this was a bloody crime scene. So they're thinking that like maybe he's cleaning up blood off of him.

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