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Perfect weather we get there. And i've been used to wearing a mask in any public place in massachusetts. We get the max masks on. We step on the field who was on the football field. The chairs were all set up socially distanced and all the graduates had to be masked up in fact had to wear the official school mass. They gave a mask to wear. The mask said the school on it. And you could see all the graduates messed up clearly and the parents were too when you got there. Because you've just figured you had to. And i'm pretty sure it was unin a memo somewhere but we get there and we find our seat and we're sitting around. I start looking around and say nobody. My wife is that these people aren't wearing their masks. I go this is awesome so we peel off. The mask was felt like it was part of a a movie. This dramatic moment. I needed a little theme music or something and everyone just kind of pull them off and put them away or pull them down there to their neck. It was a gaiter and nobody. I'm telling you nobody in the parents section and had to be five hundred people. I'm going. I'm telling my wife ago. There is nobody wearing a mask anymore. It was that moment. Saturday afternoon. I'd say was to o'clock was typical. Typical two thousand and twenty one. The speaker was some urban league guy who was talking about. You know social justice what you'd expect and get a little of that from the The students who spoke but it was a moment. And i think a lot of people experience that moment unfortunately a lot of them had to hear it from the cdc before they realized how silly it is to be wearing a mask outdoors. I think i think everybody in this this. I think over this weekend because the weather was so good. It just felt like you know. Spring is here. Summer's coming and everyone. We're always going to meet for a while. Like people are going to be extended for a while. So i'll goodness is in your brain right but we've always known where to mask. Outside was stupid. It was it didn't help. Anything didn't do anything we found out last week. Officially from the cdc the the most political center for disease control. I mean it's just a bunch of political hacks league starting with wolinsky the head of the cdc and we'll get to her but it is funny. Because i've told you before. I put the number a couple of weeks ago. I put the number at mast up people outdoors in boston at ninety five percent runners bikers. Dog walkers you name it. Everybody i was getting all the the dirty looks and occasional comments because i would walk my dog without a mask of course because i'm not an idiot but these people just want to be told what do they want to follow the rules. They wanna virtue signal and say. Look at me i got a mask. And speaking of virtual signaling. I'm just going to say to my up my friends on twitter if you a mask on and your avatar it's time to change it because you look like a fool. If you have a mask in your picture on twitter virtue signal say look at me. I love those people because as soon as you see it you know. They're going to eight million and give me all the same crap about five hundred. Seventy thousand dead which we got over the weekend from cuomo. The who still insisting people in new york state after wear masks In defiance of the cdc edict but it felt like everything changed it turned. Everything changed this week and people finally woke up whether you're whether you're vaccinated or not. There was no point wearing a mask outdoors. there was People just literally went out. Didn't bring him didn't even bring them was we're going to. We're going go Walk around jogging. Enjoy our life and we're not going to be obstructing a breathing canals anymore. We're dislike everybody's in on that you know the like everywhere. I go away. I hang in different circles. Apparently people have the mask and they're ready to pull it out there like waiting to see if the other person will playground litter again. I saw a mass on a four year. Old child abuse ahmed g because i showed up no mask on by three and a half year. Old not on edgy. I'm not the one who's gonna pull it out first and they're all pulling it out every time you got there. It's what you're seeing. But you're in the city with more sadly sadly i think people needed to hear from the cdc or the governor. I mean our our governor benevolent governor in massachusetts charlie baker. He didn't go with cuomo. And say you know you gotta keep wearing your mask but he did come up with You know the the new rules the new rules say you don't have to wear outdoors vaccinated but this is my new. My new a pet peeve. This is the new thing that is driving me nuts. And i know i've been saying for weeks but i don't care when they come up with these phases like All the government. All the governor's blue state governors the liberals like baker and cuomo whitmer. They come up with these updates. They love it. They love it they press conference and everyone's there and they get to walk out with the mask on now they get to pull it off if they're outdoors and speak to the to their subjects and this Today you're gonna get an update from from your governor probably but but I think it was yesterday over the weekend. They they Reviewed the phases. And here's One phase. The next phase is much. I mean may twenty-ninth opening an opening up bars distilleries. Where you can Distilleries and wineries where you can get a drink without ordering food is. It's so nice. And i wanted to speak for everybody in the state and say thank you. Thank you governor. Baker lists is so gracious. This is just so so kind of you to allow people to go to bars distilleries and have a drink without any food. I mean it's just i. I always thought that was the governor's role to force you to get food with your drink at a bar mean. I read that in the history books. It's been in the constitution. I'm pretty sure look it up. It's like it's in the bill of rights. The governor will tell you when you're allowed to have a drink with food That same that's a couple weeks from now. Street festivals and parades can happen at fifty percent capacity. And if you're running a parade or a street festival. I guess you say what the hell is fifty percent capacity parade. So do you plan a parade and then kick half the people out the planet parade and then having attendance. I mean people show up with their kids to watch a parade on just pay and you have fifty percent capacity. How does that work. Here's his thing. I think as upset many times the most

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