Cardi B Shows off Baby Bump at BET Awards

Daily Pop


Right to the bt awards and cardi b. e. big news now. She surprised everyone during her performance of migos by showing up with a baby bump now that bodysuit god because that point across real good but be honest. What was your reaction to this. Because all i could think was her obstetrician is on the obstetrician helped plan this like. There's only one way to do it. And it's what sequence and your belly out and it's fat bueller show. I mean i was. I literally gas browse like ooh. Yes and then. I was like way. This is no surprise. Remember when she announced her first pregnancy on. Snl so there's only one way for cardi to announce that she's having babies and that's on the stage and i feel like any stage will welcome her She kind of was doing a belly role. Did you see that through the bodysuit. I'm impressed they like that was really good. Look at her. I mean she's fierce.

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