CEO/Co-Founder of, Zach Smith, Discusses His Business' Mission


So i'm zac. Smith and anywhere dot com is my business and a professional pursuit. I've been at for many years. I'm currently living in los angeles. And how old are you. I'm thirty seven years old. And so what is anywhere dot com. We try to make it easier for people to explore really fun. Places generally thought to be more complicated places. Costa rica peru ecuador. and what have you. Yeah our goal is just to make it easier for families and couples to go explore the world and your website. Anywhere dot com. So i mean that sounds like a pretty generic name so it must have been connected by the domain. Yeah it was an investment in our brand. We really needed to centralize who we are. And what we do in the past. We were really focusing. On one market not was costa rica and as we steadily expanded into other markets such as anywhere panama anywhere peru etc were just juggling multiple domains and so bringing all of that content and our brand into one unified website just became a long term investment in our real vision for what we want to do and accomplish and so new people will work in your company and revenues from last year. We have around fifty people that contribute daily to the business. Some of them are contractors or partners. A number of employees but actually in the united states we only have three employees are revenue was just north of ten million last year. So i guess you're thirty seven years old and it sounds like pretty cool job that you have here. I guess you're trying to make people have a better vacation. Is that the idea. Yeah really the world. We live in right now. We believe that experiences are kind of social currency of today so that means going to new exciting destinations and travel in general becomes a big heart that our goal is to assure that the experiences go flawlessly. Take away a lot of the headaches. Disappointments that can happen so people spend a lot of time anticipating a trip but really the only have seven or ten days when they're actually there and if there's even one thing that goes wrong or a couple of things go wrong it can really sour the entire experience so we're accountable to that and we do a planning process that ensures that there's no regrets

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