Chicago Blackhawks Hire Outside Firm to Investigate Allegations


Blackhawks have hired a former federal prosecutor to perform what they're calling an independent review of the 2010 sexual assault allegations that are the basis of a former players lawsuit against the team. CEO Danny words sent an internal memo to employees confirming the move. Former video coach Bradley Aldrich is alleged to have sexually assaulted at least two players and reports say that the top levels of the organization were made aware of the allegations but did not go to the police or act on the information. Aldrich was convicted of sexual assault, sexually assaulting a high school hockey player in 2013 in Michigan after leaving the team and was required to register as a sex Defender When the lawsuit was first filed in Cook County Circuit Court May 7th the team said the former players allegations quote lack merit. The team also trying to get the suit thrown out, arguing that had it had passed the statute of limitations.

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