Caller Agrees That Conservatives Need to Battle for 2020 and 2022 Election


And I just know Oh, my God, that something went wrong in the 2020 election. And what I am curious about is why is nobody talking about Mike Lindell and his, um, lawsuits with Dominion, not to mention his two documentaries, absolute proof and absolutely absolutely interference. And then his additional, absolutely 9 to 0 where he presents evidence. Of what could have possibly happened, Uh, during the 2020 election, I say it that way. Just because I have my mind my mind made up, but we definitely need to get to the bottom of that. But at the same time we do need to focus on 2022. And I believe that that's going to start locally in the school board. If you look at what the left has done with our Children, they're indoctrinating them. You know, critical race theory. You've mentioned it multiple times. And the thing is, is, uh Like that's that's how they Able to continually supply you know, Antifa and black lives matter with, you know, bodies that, you know, willingly agree with those ideologies simply because they have Not been taught anything else. And that's where I think that we need to really start as local school boards. Definitely because we take away that indoctrination. Then we kind of take away their You know, there are people that they're able to get out there to spread their ideology in a violent manner. Um But, Jackson, do you ever listen to my podcast? You ever listen to my podcast? And how did you do you remember that show I did a while ago. Speaking of the education system, and I agree with you, By the way, we have to focus on both 2022. It's been a whole purpose in 2022 has been the purpose of the show. So I'm with you there. But I played some audio clips awhile ago of that Soviet defector. Back in 1982 Yuri beds been off Who said, Listen, the Communists have a plan to destroy America and the way they plan on doing it as a multi decade approach to infiltrate your education system and basically get you Americans to teach your you know each other how to hate each other. And

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