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Effort. I'm Pam Couso Fox News. That's the word in South Florida, where no more victims have been found in the rubble of a collapsed condominium tower. The numbers are the same as they were yesterday. 127 have been accounted for 159 unaccounted for, and four confirmed dead. Surfside Mayor Danielle Levine Carver. One obstacle is fire that's burning under It really is dealing with those fires. It's a very challenging circumstance. Governor Ron Dissent is as for the cause of the collapse. The mayor says the city was unaware of an engineer's report in 2018 that cited major structural damage under the pool deck tragedy at a rail crossing in Indiana, a 10 year old girl and two adults were killed overnight. After the mini van they were in was struck by a train about 20 miles southeast of Chicago. Three young boys or hospitalized in critical condition. Surveillance video shows, the minivan driver ignored an activated train crossing signal and drove around a gate. Fatalities in New Mexico after the crash of a hot air balloon. Albuquerque police say four people died this morning. One other person is critically hurt. It appears the balloon hit a power line. They can't criticize her for not going. But Republicans are still railing against Vice President Kamala Harris for her handling of the crisis at our southern border. This is a real threat to everyone in America, and she's not taking it serious, You know, by her denying going, they're denying the facts of what's happening. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy During her stop in El Paso, the vice president pointed out the differences in policy between the current and former administration. She called President Trump's border policies inhumane. America's listening, tough Fox News. Hey, it's Fred Larson, inviting you to download and listen to the new daily Fox on tech podcasts. There is part of a colorful late nineties iMac on Mars. It's an idea that seems a lot like Kickstarter called Building. This isn't the first time we've heard about North Korea. Hackers trying to get a leg up on Covid 19, a range that was used for satellite TV service in the seventies. Get the latest trends in technology, cyber security alerts and gadget news daily. Subscribe

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