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Marco werman. This is the world. It's good to have you with us today. How much power does the president have to wage war. That's a question. Congress has been debating recently and one in the news today. After fresh air strikes near the iraq syria border president biden order those retaliatory strikes yesterday against weapons storage facilities used by iranian backed militias the pentagon use the constitution to justify those attacks rather than an authorization for the use of military force power granted to the president nearly two decades ago after the september eleven terror attacks now democrats and some republicans. Even the white house says it's time to reign it in the world. Sarah birnbaum starts us off today three days after nine eleven congress gave president bush the green light to use military force against those responsible for the attacks for the past twenty years. Presidents have used that same law that authorization for use of military force or to launch wars and wage military strikes from pakistan tunisia to yemen. But that's not the m. umf we're talking about here the af that the house just repealed and that's up for debate in the senate came a year later in two thousand and two president. Bush wanted to go to war. In iraq regime change in iraq is the only certain means of removing a great danger to our nation. Hope this will not require military action but it may the white house lawyers were making some noises. That bush didn't need to go to congress i that he could do it on his own. Because the nine eleven a umf but in the end bush did go to congress and it gave him what he wanted. President bush

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