Picky Eating Or Something Else?

Food Issues


Why. Don't we dive right in and talk about picky eating. I think it's safe to say that. Most parents have kids with picky eaters and in fact there was a recent survey that showed that thirty nine percent of parents say that it's a challenge in their home. So what do you see in your practice. I see a lot of picky eating and there's levels of picky eating the general. Please eat your vegetables. And then there was very serious. Actually medical condition called avoided. Restrictive food intake disorder or kids are frantic about food and react in a very abnormal way. That's very difficult for parents to take care of. So it's a significant problem and researchers also found that picky eating is associated. Now is hard to do this with a direct causation. Because we're not gonna starve children and see what happens to them. But there's a direct association between picky eating and an almost double chance of developing mental health. Diagnosis wow okay and do we know why that is. I think that were. We have a pretty good theory about that. Which is that. Your body isn't the government and a deficit. So if you don't have it you budget cut and survival is the most important thing. So that's going. Be the last thing budget cut so things like learning to speak a second language and mood and and energy those are things that will get cut right right and i had seen that you wrote an article about anxiety and picky eating and obviously now we're seeing increasing rates anxiety and depression particularly among children due to the pandemic so what kind of role does anxiety play in in picky eating. an excellent question julie and plays a big role. Because would you think about kids in today's society especially with the shutdown and pandemic that's raging. They have control of so few things the one thing they do get to control they can close their mouth and you can't make them. Yeah so so. That's a place that they very often. What people are anxious. They want to find something. They can have some providence over right so so for kids. It's like well you make me go to bed. You make me stay home making me wear this mask but gosh darn it. I don't have to eat that. All right yeah. So that's where so very often. These issues are playing out in food. So i'm seeing more and more psychological issues that we used to take care of other ways playing out in my realm in nutrition.

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