The UFOs the Government Couldn't Explain


Most ufo stories are typically difficult or impossible to verify at the center of today's story. Though we have eyewitnesses. Who aren't your average. Joe shmoe off the street. They're trained pilots and technicians with years of experience. Working for the us military and the events all happened not long ago. It's the fall of two thousand. Four and two ships are parked about a hundred miles south west of san diego the cruiser uss princeton and the aircraft carrier u. s. s. Nimitz besides the ships crews they're loaded with navy pilots running routine flight drills keeping their skills sharp as they wait for deployment as the pilots hit the skies. Radar technicians back on the ships. Track their flights. It's all pretty standard stuff but sometime around the end of october. A few technicians notice unusual blips registering on their equipment as many as five to ten objects. Keep flying within ten miles or so of where they're running these drills they're all cruising at about twenty eight thousand feet which is too high for them to be birds but they're moving too slowly to be planes. The texts broadcast radio transmissions asking who these aircrafts are. They don't receive any replies. The even recalibrate their equipment thinking the blips could be some bugs in their software. But they're not they're screens keep showing these unidentified flying objects now thanks to pop culture a lot of people here unidentified flying object think alien spaceship despite its very literal meaning. I mean a balloon can be considered a ufo until someone confirms. It's just a balloon in this case the ufo's could be anything. A spy plane a missile or even a drone smuggling drugs into the country so on november fourteenth. Two thousand four the navy. Dispatches squadron commander david favor to intercept the objects whatever. They are but a half hour into david's flight. Radar technicians spot one of the blips. They give him some coordinates and he has out in that direction mentally preparing for what he'll do if the ufo is actually hostile near the ordinance. His plane infrared camera picks up on something and it's directly below him.

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