Traveling With Tech Made for the World's Fastest Sailboats


Traditional sailing. Races can conjure up stayed images of white cotton sales and shiny polished teak but over the last decade modern racing yachts have turned the cop into an extreme sport. They have these wing like sales that are the size of jumbo jet wings and they tip or heel as it's called in sailing what looks like impossible angles towards the water nowadays. The huge yachts actually lift up out of the water and seemed to fly on things called hydrofoils ripping down with both boats up on the blood. An amazing start to this court. Shrink hydrofoils like underwater wing. I mean just like the wing of an airplane that sticks out to either side mounted on a stick that comes down below the boat and then as the boat goes faster the the wing generates lift in it picks. The boat up hydrofoils were first introduced. Officially in the america's cup in two thousand thirteen. With the ac seventy two class. That's the name of the boat design used in that race. Hydra foiling sailboats. Kinko twice the speed of traditional votes attack from oracle team. usa potentially another dip from emirates team new zealand. Both it has to give way over forty five nights or over fifty miles an hour and You know sort of on the edge of control not only sailing the boat and keeping it stable but also structurally. The boats are very challenging. This technology itself is new but it has been transformative for the race and it's inspiring naval architects and maritime enthusiasts who are drawn to the speed and efficiency of these hydrofoils. Now summer considering how this hydrofoil technology could reimagined more than just a sailboat race. We realized got something very special so went about trying to use that technology to try and tackle the climate crisis

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