January 6 Should Not Be the Only Date to Remember; Democrats Have Been Long Violent Before


1971 1983 real live shootings and bombings. The Marxist left. And several of them were pardoned by Jimmy Carter. And one of the people one of the masterminds as Barack Obama's close friend and political mentor. 21. Republicans voted No on this bill. Ladies and gentlemen, here you have the speaker, the number one Democrat in the House and the number three Clyburn calling federal law enforcement start troopers while they're trying to defend government, property and other property. Here you have a Democrat president pardoning Puerto Rican terrorists. Here you have another Democrat, president, Friends, Political allies associates with a domestic terrorist. Isn't it amazing? But you see, January 6th is the day we must remember. January, 6th. I would remind the phony attorney general, the United States. Chase down Clansmen chased down the neo Nazis. Conservatives. Republicans. Constitutionalists had nothing to do with them. We reject them. In fact, we reject all violence. But apparently, sir, you do not Because you excuse what happened in Portland in your testimony to become attorney general? You said that wasn't domestic terrorists because it happened at night. Night.

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