Media Wants to Celebrate Capitol Police but Not Those Who Protected During Antifa, BLM Violence


A story all the headlines Congressional gold medal vote. The congressional gold medal to all the officers who defended the capital in January. 6th 21. Republicans voted no And the media very upset about this. The media very upset about this. Let's step back. The media have spent over a year trashing law enforcement in this country. Every reprobate. Imaginable. Miscreant malcontent. Whether professors or otherwise, members of black lives matter brought on T V. To tell us how bad the cops are. Except for apparently The Capitol Hill police. Because those police deserve a congressional gold medal. Not the police were trying to defend the Portland federal building. Not the police who tried to defend their own precincts in every city in this country, virtually Not the park Police and the Secret Service who defended the White House. From attacks on the White House. No, no, they don't deserve anything except To be trashed and I remember what took place in Portland. And I remember what Pelosi in Clybourne had to say the number one and number three Democrats in the House who not want to hand out gold medals. And I want to remind you Because it's only one year ago. June 2020. When Nancy Pelosi compared Federal law enforcement that was trying to protect a federal courthouse. From an insurrection, a violent armed insurrection. Stormtroopers cut 15 go.

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