Xbox One Will Play Next-Gen Games via xCloud


Microsoft will xbox one owners play next gen xbox games his ex cloud service a lot of xs. The news was buried in a blog. Post recapping microsoft's xbox plus with us to showcase the company confirming plans to leverage cloud gaming cloud for xbox one consoles that means the two thousand thirteen hardware will be able to play the xbox series x exclusive games from twenty twenty one extending the life cycle what would normally normally soon be obsolete boxes quote for the millions of people who play on xbox one consoles today we are looking forward to sharing more about how we will bring many of these next gen games such as microsoft flight simulator to your console through xbox cloud gaming just like just like we do with mobile devices. Tablets and browsers says we'll of microsoft's xbox wire until now microsoft had only described cloud on consoles as a way for players to tribe of try games before you download but it's clear the company sees a service as offering much more ex cloud availability will provide a welcome boost for xbox. One consoles particularly as microsoft is upgrading. A server blades to run xbox series x hardware. Later this month it'll give this older hardware away to play upcoming titles like star field which like flight simulator will also launch exclusively on the new xbox series x slash as consoles.

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