Let's Talk About These UFOs



For from this. Nbc news article. There's some really interesting points that i wanted to share. So suddenly it looks like senator. Scientists the pentagon and president's former cia director's and nasa officials wall street executives silicon valley investors are starting to talk openly about the issue with. Ufo's in a way that maybe they weren't as apparent or as public about it before and what's interesting is there's actually a statement made by former president barack obama who told late night tv host. James corden what is true. And i'm actually being serious here is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don't know exactly what they are. So president barack obama said that recently and then also Just historically culturally. Ufo's have been something of american culture topic of concern. I think millions of people have questions about it. Article even says about one. Third of americans think that they've been visited by alien spacecraft. And that's according to gallup so again all of this in our in the lindsay final welcome dot com so to summarize that it seems like there's more activity especially from conversation perspective around ufl is and that people don't know what's going on apparently all right to really tie not in that the biggest thing is is that this is the first time where government is going the record and saying that you sightings exists okay. It's just these last few months that the pentagon and some other agencies they've actually recognized that you have sightings before they never commented people opposed people. Media would show it but the government never said yes. No certain so now thing. They confirmed that we actually don't know what that is that the big

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