14 House Republicans Voted Against Juneteenth Holiday


The are four hundred and fifteen and the nays are fourteen. The bill is fast texas congresswoman sheila jackson-lee announcing the passage tonight in the house of legislation to make juneteenth a federal holiday congresswoman sheila jackson-lee sponsored the legislation to make juneteenth a federal holiday. She also sponsored legislation to create what they call a national emancipation trail to trace. The news of the emancipation proclamation. The news of the freeing of the slaves to galveston texas. It took more than two years after the emancipation. Proclamation was signed by president lincoln for the news to reach galveston on june nineteenth eighteen. Sixty five once. President biden signs. This bill that has now passed the senate and the house. June nineteenth every year will be celebrated as the juneteenth federal holiday honoring the end of slavery in the united states and like i said it was unanimous. Vote in the senate. It was an overwhelming vote in the house but not a unanimous one there were fourteen republicans who voted against it Fourteen conservative republican white. Guys all voted that we should not commemorate the end of slavery in the united states. Which is kind of vote that will stick to their shoe forever and smell up any room. They ever walk into for the rest of their lives. Forgive me for saying so. But it's worth it's worth noting that they were a rump minority. Yes there were. Fourteen republican men who voted no but there were a hundred and ninety five republican men and women who voted yes for the holiday along with every single democrat in the united states house and every single united states senator from both parties

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