Mom Committed, Husband Pleads Not Guilty to Kids' Murders


A man at the center of a grim saga of alleged murder doomsday believes in missing children has pleaded not guilty in Idaho courtroom appearing before judge Steven Boyce Chad day bell pleaded not guilty to murder charges handed down by a grand jury in connection with the death of his late wife and his new wife two children eight felony charges of them filed on the grand jury's indictment day they'll rent a small publishing company with his wife Tammy Dave bell who died in October twenty nineteen authorities grew suspicious when he remarried Laurie valoe just two weeks later police began searching for lorries two youngest children seven year old Josh with aloe known as JJ and seventeen year old Kylie Ryan the hearing was on the one year anniversary of when the children's bodies were found buried on day bills property in eastern Idaho the day bells espouse an apocalyptic system of religious belief on Tuesday afternoon Lori day bell was committed to a mental health facility if convicted Chad day bell could face life in prison or the death penalty I'm Jennifer king

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