Lester Holt, Joe Biden And Kamala Harris discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy


Agree. What people love about joe biden is that he. He speaks his mind. And he's you know very real and how he gets out there. It was a little too real this time and its shaw was Switchover to magic spoon. Send a box sharp for the next one is. I want to talk about the other member of the administration here. The other half of the team kamala harris she has had a less good Run here Had that trouble down at the in in guatemala. In that interview with lester holt where she made off handed comment about going to the border. Then she went to the border and looked like she was forced to Go to the border rather than doing it on on her own. And i got a call from a reported at a right before we we. We started recording Who is writing a piece about her. Poll numbers trailing biden's and about disquiet among democrats Stephanie is the what's going on with her and What advice would you give her at this point to kind of right the ship you know acts i think a little bit of what's happening is unfair to the vice president and you know we were in the white house at the beginning of the obama administration

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