A highlight from Part 1: Adam, Bryan and Gina on Lin Manuel Mirandas Apology, Super Depressing Commencement Speeches, and Weinsteins Extradition (ACS June 16)


No homo adam. Corolla the act. Get it on get it on a choice of mandate you get it on procurement and found the friendly loved that about you. Saw the ratings just went up. So thank you for that right gina grad handball ryan the most beautiful girl in the world So gina just for the Mike heated up. You were talking about what in the heights watched it in its entirety. Last night cried several times. And i was telling brian not. I don't cry like sad stout in the theater in my bedroom theater because we have a big projector and i get overwhelmed like emotionally with like a big dance number or like a big happy moment and is choked up several times for sure. And it's it's it's like west side story if there was no gunplay. It's just big. And celebratory beautiful and colorful and lovely. Does this somebody with moving on leads us nicely until one of the first subjects. I wanted to get into. Because i don't know if you were aware of it from watching it from your anglo. Pov problematic s o o. We are out of problem. We are so far out of problems. We have no. We're rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Every person on the screen was very authentic o. Rien ryan but ryan white. Brian get it. We gotta we gotta keep going because there's different shades colorful yes. It's call at dominican pesos. Color ism issue. Yeah so lin-manuel headaches your statement because it's problematic verse. Everything's problematic lin. Manuel miranda apologizes for lack of diversity heights. This hamilton was latino diversity. This is the beauty. I always say it's called the progressive movement. It does it progresses and it moves. It does not ever stop. It never takes its foot off the accelerator get it never pumps. The brakes never goes lin-manuel. That's he's on the mount rushmore of our 'cause nobody has come from lesson done more for people or inclusive has populated his work with more color. How about just paid into the tax base. How many people you've gotten paid of color john. How many jobs. Oh when this guy was sitting alone in crown heights when he was seventeen with a steno pad. How many jobs came out of that steno pad. we're probably in the same thing which is think about ginny. you've seen in the highest hamilton. Think of all those faces those people. How many of those people actors dancers whatever may have been marginalized over their career. Not given a chance there will roll. Promise you those same actors were only considered for lion king. That's serious consider for stuff like that. And you're grows in book of yes and you exactly and you guys don't know this. There are so many hamilton national tours. He is employing tons of actors. That would have never had the chance. Do these roles. I have a very simple equation that everyone needs to now. Use your either on the good side of the equation or the bad side of the equation. Creating jobs paying taxes. Taken care of folks You know creating things and by the way it's obviously the actors are getting paid but the grip lighting guys. The sound guy goes into this movie set. Catering yes i mean it. Just the the chain just keeps going and going disaster humor and everything as a singing dancing tyler. Perry right so you're creating wealth. Yes you're not part of the problem. We have this bizarre world where the guys that are. You know perpetual drug dealers in the street thugs and stuff like that have been in and out of prison nineteen times and now they're in prison and somehow we're very worried about them gotta help them and they're definitely never the problem. But but somehow lin manuel has become part of the problem. I'm dying to know i. I can't fathom what the contours that could be. This is the beauty of the hero. We're living in. You can't even fucking think about you can't imagine in your wildest it you know with some. I heard someone talking about the onion. In the babylon be. They're out of headlines the different fake headlines anymore. there's no there's no parody parody this anymore. so lin-manuel did what he has apologized for failing to adequately represent afro latinos in his latest musical project. The in the heights. That has centered. On new york's latino communities. The hamilton star posted a note to social media on monday acknowledging that casting for his latest project set in the diverse neighborhood of washington heights. In upper manhattan has lapsed into color. Ism broadly defined as prejudice or discrimination against darker skin tones within the same racial group. In trying to paint a mosaic. Now we're we're gonna we're gonna to it out to your in the same group you spent more time in the sun it's pretty rough hats specious at best and also. I know this is not what they're talking about but there are. There is a african american main character. Whose amazing the guy. League of dr dre afro. The teaneck similarly blocked may no straight up. African-amer how but that's just one veranda who produced and stars in the film which is based on the smash broadway head posted the apology after the film's director john. Chew hand cast members. Melissa barrera and leslie grace were interviewed about casting choices in the film. Grace told the route that until she made the film she hadn't recognized that she didn't really get to see myself or people that look like my symbols siblings that are darker than me onscreen to added. We're not going to get everything right in the movie. We tried our best on all fronts in his apology. Miranda said it is clear that many in our dark skinned afro. Latino community don't feel sufficiently represented within it particularly among leading roles miranda continued. I can hear that. I can hear the hurt and frustration over feeling unseen in the feedback. I hear that without sufficient dark skinned afro. Latino representation work the work field extractive of the community. We wanted so much to represent with pride and joy. That's flimsy that's pretty fun. It's like give must second. He just did a by chew an asian director. The did crazy rich asians. I mean talk about inclusivity and making sure everyone's involved he. Does this hit musical. It's all about this little enclave in new york that celebrates everything latino. You know all the caribbean island nations and the end and speaking spanish and singing about your culture. Give him a minute like help. Maybe the next movie. He'll he'll keep continuing to please you but the guy is doing his best like you're free to make a movie if you ever minute though gina. I don't think you're troubling times or living. But this is also problematic. Because didn't lin manuel miranda sort of not apologize. The last time people had beef with him for hamilton. When they said you know you didn't really play up the slave owning aspect of these characters. Like you should have. And i'm paraphrasing. But i think his answer was like i had my best. You're welcome to take a shot at it if you think you can do better well. He's now two sided to go a different direction. Which is apologizing at the end to do a studio. He does the He does the Scary orwellian thing at the end because he this is the part that the the the scariest part about all these apologies is when they're going to try to do better and learn in that. That's where the reprogramming part comes in. Sorry you got the end there dawson.

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