How to Check Your Motives Before Moving


We give many privileges we give up a great deal of power and authority here in the earth by not being willing to go all the way with got. Let me ask a question day. Have you received christ as your savior but not yet made him your lord. There is a difference. I always say that. In one thousand nine hundred seventy six. I got serious about my relationship with god and you know what. I was born again when i was nine. I was saved but i didn't know anything and if you don't know anything then you have no direction you don't know what to do. And when god touch my life in nineteen nine hundred seventy six. He began a spiritual maturity project in me. That was hard. But i've seen god do some amazing things in me and through me because i've let him work in my life and i believe it's my job to not only see people come to christ but to help the believer mature and grow up so they can have what jesus died to give them. I want you to have the life that jesus died to give you. I don't want you just to hear about it. Are saying about it or hear sermons about it or look forward to it. I want you to have it. I want you to have the righteousness the pace the joy. I want your needs to be met. I want you to be fruitful. And i think that you want that to

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