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Morning it is time to get up with a sensational second round. Three series remain. All of them died. We've got all last night's action vince. Carter right off the top. Meanwhile the answer seems so simple for aaron the why can't they get it. Done in green bay chevy is here with the very latest and then after a terrific season. We'll tell you the two reasons. The pressure is greater than ever on this young star. All that and more as we get up with you starting right now. On tuesday from the seaport. I'm greenie delighted. You are there jam-packed we will be today. The crew put together for you as we've got tons of football. Get through this morning. Including diana rossini dominic foxworth the big fella damien woody and the not as big fella. Adam schefter all ready to go but it begins with the night in the nba. And here we go jazz clippers. Last night utah. Two one series lead coming in with the clippers at home coming out hot right out of the gate. It's paul george irwin knocking down the three and his running mate kawhi leonard looking to get involved. Pg gets it to him. Thirty points in the first quarter for the clippers the after a blistering start. Second quarter clippers by twenty three paul george. The length throws it down with two hands. But if you think that's something take a look at this. Leonard erie comes on derrick favors. Sir vince carter will offer his thoughts on just a moment with the big slip clippers by twenty four and a half fourth quarter. A bad moments. You see bombed by. Joe ingles in transition got a little bit a right knee pain. He would leave the game but remain on the bench. You would say afterward quote. I'll be good. That obviously is a huge factor. Going forward but the clippers were good last night. Good enough for one eighteen. One four- win that series now tied at two games apiece. Meanwhile the game of the night was in atlanta game. Four talks sixers chilly up to one common in four and a half ago in the second. Quarter joel embiid. Still working with that meniscus and the right knee. He was good in the first half. This team was better. That one gets to go sixty to forty nine philly at the brain but the hawks not giving up through third. Quarter down by seven but not for long gigantic. No john college yes. Fourteen points twelve rebounds got both. There's five point. Game started the fourth fox within two him kevin herder working on the perimeter bogdonovich. He had twenty two points. Hawks take the lead five minutes to go in the game tied at ninety two. Good game trae. Throwing it up quick cappella throwing it down eighteen assists portray on to. I have to go sixers up by one joel and be just had no lift in the second half and no points over twelve and the second half embiid ensuing hawks possession. It's young little florida in the lane. Just eight twenty six on the night but that one goes. He's twenty-five hawks. My one fourteen seconds lead sixers down one. Where are they going to go to be following usually done that but this time he goes to the whole candidates to go balls out of bounds off. Ben simmons doc rivers can't believe it's going to get away last chance for the sixers four seconds down by three where you're gonna go. Seth curry look and he comes close. But it's no good and the hawks winning one zero three one hundred series tied at two games apiece. Joel let's talk belived

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