What Is a Universal Skincare Routine?



What is a universal skin carotene. And how did you formulate a routine that can work for anyone skin so in order for it to work for anyone skin it just came down to doing it of research and a ton of testing so for each of covey's products we actually had twelve different iterations of each product meaning like we are testing formulating and then testing the products. On over one hundred fifty different people with different skin types ages backgrounds ethnicities to figure out what was working what was not so. It took a ton of time and energy to get that feedback in all of those different iterations. I remember like by business partner. And i would get a ton of samples in and then we would put them in little packets with the survey and we would have to harass people for every single iterations in twelve different times time. One hundred fifty people each time so it took so much time and effort and i would just say like please. Just write it down. Send me a picture like even attacks. Here's my phone number like whatever it takes. So i think the amount of testing that we did really got us to a point that we knew that it works on all these different people all different skin types. We also made sure that we were formulating really really gentle ingredients which that was really helpful. We had our partner dermatologist. Doctor julia sack and she helped us. Identify like what those ingredients word that we knew they were going to be like very well suited for sensitive skin. Did you ever struggle with any skin issues or did you always have perfect skin lake for me. I know i had just trial and error like a billion different things before. I found my perfect team because i have the dry skin of all time. Yes i definitely struggled kind of like in a different way because as a model i always like took such great care of my skin. It was so important for me. But i kind of came from the school of thought that more was more right. Which was wearing covey kind of came into play so i was using every ingredient every active anything anyone recommended to me i was just like added into the routine. I had like twelve or thirteen. Step routine going on. But i would come to work and i you know i primarily do a ton of beauty works face of me blamed for ten years like my skin was everything for me so it's just like the more active than the more stuff i put on at the better. Then i'll go to work and my skin was literally like falling off. It would be read super dry. We're always like any like what did you do last night like well. I did this like right now treatment. And then i did a mask and i did this and then my skin was just totally freaking out. Every time i went to work for a big job. And i just realized that i was doing way too much but at the same time i didn't know what steps that i actually need in my skin care routine. I also have a youtube channel. And i was always sharing by routines and what i love to us and i did this video with harper's bazaar their famous yet unready with me and i had one of these kind of like a ha moments. I shared my routine. It was all over the place at a million products like all the steps. Were just jumbled in all over the place and the comments action people were tearing me apart they were like. This routine is so wack. You're not supposed to combine those ingredients as way too many steps doesn't you know you can't be combining those products and i was like i'm a model. I have access to all these experts. But no i really don't know what products i need in my routine. I don't know if they work together in. I don't know what order they're supposed to be in which is where covey kinda came into the world. I started doing a ton of research. Social listening partnering. With dr julie grew sack a business partner and i went through over five hundred thousand reviews of top selling products in different stores. We really did a lot kind of get to the point but we knew we wanted this super gentle effective compatible routine that would work for all people in all skin types and kind of take the guesswork out of routines you cannot grape skin. We are not crushing it with a million products. You don't really meet.

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