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I have to say this is one of those weeks where there are so many different things going on. It's a little hard to focus out. My personal favorite was the announcement that health and human services in their annual budget. Report at given up on the word mother and instead had decided they referred to as birthing people which struck me at least curious to get your reactions as somewhere between nuts. And you can't make this stuff up but when he was pushed about the secretary of health and human services former congressman for sarah. Could undefended didn't try to defend. It knew that it was sort of goofy that it's what the left wanted then. I'm actually have asked several researchers to pull together a background. Various academic papers on why. It's important that we not feminizing being a mother as instead that mother be gender neutral term like birthing persons. Now i think this is clinically insane for the democrats. I'm gonna raise the question once we get all of our research done. Do they really want to change. Mother's day to birthing person's day they think this is an american people are but it's as part of a pattern so same pattern which has a very very dangerous way trying to brainwash. Us military and this is one. That isn't just funny. This is a real threat to our national survival and all of you should look at what the biden pelosi schumer harris team is trying to do because it is gonna tear the military part. I can't imagine a more dangerous pattern that a country as big as ours central as ours faced with leadership. That has no clue how much damage they're doing to the morale and the unit integrity and the commitment of the young men and women who they're put me through this sort of brainwashing process. This really i think very very dangerous. I sense of history history. You agree that. The momentum towards an ultra left america has slowed down some that. They're beginning find. Not just with senator mentioned from west virginia but with a number of house members are beginning to run into sort of the limits of how far they can take the country on spending a centralized control on a whole range of issues. So i think that's like lead in the next few months some significant changes. I just sent out this morning. Kevin mccarthy's report to the publican house members. They've been gone for three weeks. This is all part of a rope. A dope strategy by pelosi to just keep them away. It's very hard to plot and to gain momentum and talk with each other if you're sent home for three weeks And this is a deliberate strategy by the democrats which i think will blow up. Mccarthy's reaction was to write a very good paper on what's happening where we have to do. Kevin mccarthy's i think very largely correct interpretation we are. I don't know which was more cringe-worthy watching comma harris laugh. As she tried to explain that while she hadn't been to the border with mexico and guatemala she hadn't been to the border with european. You have to wonder how to a san francisco. Kuku comes up with this stuff. But i think more cringe-worthy and more scary frankly was vines performance in europe when three times in a row. He got libya wrong. Confused libya would syria. And i think he began to embarrass the europeans. Who were there and then immediately. After boris johnson introduced the president of south africa you had president biden reintroduced a guy who's just been introduced and you had all of the various presidents and prime ministers all are laughing at the american prison because he's still clearly out of it. We didn't know what he's talking about whether that's because there was too much travel not enough rest whether it's because he just doesn't pay attention or whether it's because you know he thinks it doesn't matter he's already president so if he screws up. Nothing's But i thought it was among the worst performances by brand new american president. Remember this is your moment to shine on stage to prove you know what you're doing to go out there and make an impact. Joe biden scare. And he's going to fix things well kind of like joe biden was on a retirement home tour of europe. I think it was frightening a good friend of mine who has ties. Bearing i and some european countries said that the prime minister and one of the country's said that they found by performance genuinely freaked. Because it was hard to believe the american president could be them much out of touch with reality. I think on messed excite. The only real question in my mind is whether the coming inflation is a temporary process of catching up. Because it's too much money in the system and we're going to have to sort of absorb who should lead to four or five six percent inflation but for brief periods. Or whether in fact with the sheer volume cash you're beginning to get a real inflationary spiral. I don't know what yet i have. The bias of my shouted missing elected to congress as jimmy carter was destroying the currency. And so my first biased. The that these guys don't know what they're doing and they're like the end up because they're so desperate to spend money. They're likely to end up quitting dramatically more inflection but that may not be the case i think i certainly would urge anyone to invest based on a guaranteed wave of. It's very possible it may happen. In certainly at the present time there seem to be pretty dangerous indicators. Coming down the road on the republican side. I think we continue to expand out if you've noticed it. We had three sheriffs who switched parties and became publican in the last couple of weeks. We several state legislators who switched parties and become publicans. Those a nice healthy steady growth rate towards the gop. The election origines w. big deal. Republicans nominated and glenn yung-chen very very good business leader. Who had been the co leader of the collaborative which is the most successful business industrial group in washington dc. He's attractive. he's relatively young. He remarkable contrast with what we're getting out of turn but cohen mcauliffe's guy mcauliffe. For years. he tells great stories. He's in virtually everything he can in politics. You book one time but having to wrestle alligators because the central indian so give money to jimmy carter as he will get hit with Just kind of good old boy

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