A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/16/21--Guest Gerard Melancon


June sixteenth wednesday. That's all i got. I think that might be the show. Today's just make a few the date the day and then we wrap it up all right. Everybody good to be with you here. No we got plenty more to talk about and gerard milan-san gonna join us today g. Money just collected his five thousandth career. Win we'll talk about that. We'll talk a little bit about what's ahead for him a little bit about what's behind. We we did a logger interview with gerard. Oh me i could probably look it up. But i want to say it was twenty eighteen or so maybe twenty minutes twenty eighteen maybe early twenty nineteen a few years ago we shall say and Talk a little bit about What what's gone on since then including that That win he had a nice great three win. The lucas classic talk a little bit about that from a little while ago. But also what's What is there to look ahead to now. He's you know obviously reached an important career milestone and one thing we do talk about that. I think is an interesting topic. And maybe it's because i'm you know i'm late to the game of life post career planning like retirement planning but like with athletes and jockeys are certainly that because they're now jockeys can like similar golfers i would say jockeys can have a career into their fifties and in some cases sixties. But i would say that that fifties is probably you know about when a lot of them will retire voluntarily just due to you know kinda be done with it but you know if the average american lives to be eighty one years old or whatever it is you know. Let's say eighty for simplicity sake You know you're talking about. They have to account for twenty five or thirty years of living. And so we'll talk to gerard a little bit about that. He's already taken some action in making those plans and this we'll talk a little bit about that as well. So looking forward to that conversation Marshal graham going to join me. Tomorrow actually did the interview with marshall this morning but that will be on tomorrow's show and looking forward to that a couple of questions from listeners and try to incorporate them into the interview so i was i like when we we get a little bit of a hit advance notice because as i always say with guest suggestions or topic suggestions or any of that like. I can't promise. I'm going to do any of it. I have to go with what i think will be entertaining to the show and you know what we can what we want to talk what i want to talk about. Really 'cause it's hard to host talk about something you don't really care about and if it's for some reason it's something that doesn't hit me all that as that interesting. I'm just not going to do it. But getting those suggestions especially where the ones that just. I wouldn't think of normally it forces me to kind of think a little bit outside of my own little bubble in my own little box and i appreciate those things and like i said. I thought we had some good submission questions for for marshall. So we'll talk with him tomorrow. He's up in saratoga. So we'll talk a little bit about saratoga in the meat and you know his kind of planning for tackle handicap and plan touch a little bit on his bbc win which i I proclaimed winning the bbc. Pc it's like winning a major on the the pga tour you know there's the nhc which from a prestige standpoint is probably like the masters. But i feel like everybody wants to win the bbc. Maybe not i mean. I don't know i guess it. Depends he ask the nhc issues with the ticket or the price of the seat and all that kind of stuff but and it's a win place format which feels a little more. Like luck is on their side. But i would. I guarantee some would argue that. The bbc is that much as well or any of the life money tournaments because you know inevitably you just kind of got a hit a couple of big bets toward the end. I mean that seems to be the general modus operandi. So i'd be curious to hear your thoughts on that you know which one do you think requires more more talent more Quality i mean. I would argue that. The real true test is long term. Success at the windows right. Like i'll often hear people on a better handicapper than so and so and you know here on the show. We tend to take a look at the. Betting is more important than the handicapping and that you know in the end. It's not how many winters you pick. It's what your your money. Total is and you know if you're someone who loses twenty thousand a year someone who loses five thousand a year is better than you at least at the bottom line result now percentage wise. It can of course be different. But i'm just saying like to me. That's the real indicator. And i know that a year or a month or two months and we talked about it with chris orange and a couple of weeks ago he was saying how. Oh yeah i. In fact i remember. He messaged me and he was like. He's like oh. I just had my first losing month in a long time and i remember saying like so and he was just like beating himself up. And i'm like you've also had a run of a year and a half of positive months and he's not an everyday player but he's a few day a week player and you know i'm just thinking i'm like that's going to happen and especially when you are a few days a week player because you're kind of allowing yourself to get bit by various a little bit more because you just don't have the numbers to kind of balance out at the end of the month. You know just a regular old little cold streak of twenty or thirty bets or you know two or three weekends would be the difference between a positive and negative month whereas you know if you're pumping in one hundred bets day the end of each month i mean you're gonna have little wings of within that and maybe for the whole month but overall i think it's going to balance out a lot more the more the more times you do something. It's like a coin. Toss if i flip a coin seven times. It's entirely possible. It could

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