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This the way to social for tina lost the jokes. To unfortunate circumstances however from then on it affected me on the gianetti of two so sections attract wreak. We stopped me really luton by a really was the right three main to start lot or do it successfully to save it seventeen. Some i really ended up. 'cause momentum bloomington and the rain dot tame i helped to sue fans when we fell on a substantial amount money and one withstanding got to a new boost dumped on may contain on staff again food colds and lack of On just escalated niger's totally shutdown. Wasn't even on some of the door to people who are even recognized a number and at one stage a was went For five more minutes 'cause skipped with tema bed in what he what the next day with brain was just slaves somedays. Five o'clock at night was evening. Wash the dress palin. On the whitman we rate hours just enough tremendous a novel petco. Did you tell anyone what you're going through. That point too that he will know what was happening. Some people knew however an ally since september august teams of people really coming to malaysia ability been placed there for the reason that really helped to pints and move on. I'm recovering from note. I do think i'll ever been covered. Truly for mental health been landed tubes. That will help enough progress and understand stunt displayed in a hetero baltimore slowly trying to claim a whale. Nevada will recovered moss green slate. And i was just slayton by retirement trait. Did they claim. I co contemplate egypt's eight assault with a place wasn't gonna get a good friend of maine. Go nim us she You're not loving last anymore. Still complicity good hails. It's been bike to stay with me. Help tunnel locked in israel and the september komo huda good doctor again community linked. What can help me i. She put me in touch with a local fatness sent dripping volt or cold a healthy eleven and assaulted doing walks with him tober. I said some my sleep better of no since tool but a loss just over fights twin but so much more motivation for walking can engaged with cop and tuba a christians against poverty. A near soft Helped me sought oma finite finances so within foot the six months. I'm going to be just a huge lease Been reborn again at the newly some late this summer wanted. Do you probably wouldn't have. It's a west even win. Scotland a goose from the guy is just announced scouts. North of glasgow. Up to fort william Ben nevis ninety six males. So what do you do not to reach funds for mental health team in maya a cop to give sunk by the people that really helped me to montana. Have been about How you find found us the often help because the thing is i think a lot of people have lots of shame around around money on mental health issues. So how did he break out. That there's a lot of shame. Amman in cannot be able to your own finances. Fade yourself still people that said look of your still shaken. The orbit however people. Mcdonald's they outplayed mail a journal. Dan disconnected on our visit or she was debt. Helped me Dog than a law or committed dog however she was there to coverage Some doctors acquaintance way. 'cause always in a really buggery however no So much better. And i would say to anyone who is suffering or simply our voice. The people out there dying to help you own to do as ask if scopes help your video. That i was sold. Lucky respect that iot people realize what was going through as stepped in to help and some things who asked people you'll rate a the answers only out faint i to get row now as twice. Awesome again because as everybody initialized sick yes something. Not problem here ever asked him again. The second team. You'd really will add some things. These wolves will continue because i would want 'em to seek help because this new shame will through things in life and we need as i wrote as a hand cheese the hill you to be able to move forward in the joya late again. That's the thing is. Don't be so many people in that situation at the moment. I think you know whether they're actually sort of in debt at the moment all they've sort of just come a fellow and the made redundant they've got lots of fairs around money. What advice would you give them. Well totally agree june. A gymnast look be people in desperate situation. Money mental health agencies apia after unsure local agencies could to yet. gp's of community linked workers that could put you in touch with things that's agencies and your ten you go you go on. Wayne take the so many people out there to help mitt with money my have an also mental else as doing lesson tell people is non not just go on every just nor snow can see up broken leg conceive in some these trouble lights mental hillocks on money issues the same way people get a an rita judge md. Let's help the mate. The thing how we see making meals that's md. Help some jill do go and try and take over gwen new. You've or problems hassle. What trying to do today. Or what are you trying to do this week. And we help you not safe because if somebody consented traits kick over the control a week if he makes you feel even worse it makes you feel even more on

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