A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Rome No.10 for Nadal after Djokovic battle; Double-bagel Swiatek stuns Pliskova; Murray skips French Open; Osaka leads Olympics uncertainty; Federer back in Geneva; Barty + Halep injury doubts


A kim. What a week. It has been in rome. The italian open has come to a close. It was fine day today. We had the men's fine who had the ladies finals. We've had some doubles finals as well. I mean just looking at the seagulls. I feel like the fight was have been quite contrasting. Which will kind of get onto. But i think if we look at the the week overrule let's put the rain to one to one side. We've had some much of the candidates had lots of talking points. I genuinely think this has been one of the most memorable italians of recent years but in the context of kind of post covid the restore on the tour. I think this has been one of the best week so far. Yeah i agree. It's been a real great week on the tour and a great result for me. Stay as well as ratified. I must say after. Get that in the police came through. That's hustle with your vich today and Definitely have more entertaining final than the women's which is basically nonense. Nonentity think that's safe to say but we'll get on tonight and chico's i was watching some of the highlights or g cheap. I was impressed. They managed to stretch out over eight minutes. The official highlights because yet it just happened like a flash the pan i mean. I don't think anyone was expecting that to happen yet. Blinken you may say. I mean we'll get onto the the stats later but not very often. You get a double bagel in a final especially a masters one thousand level say yes shocking gains but yet both roland garros champions from las j. Defending champions have welcomed that the rain title say definitely interesting results going into the french open and a couple of weeks time and i don't feel of concerns i think for players like serena williams etc which will be discussing today but perhaps let's begin joel with the men's final which recently finished a couple of hours ago now. Rafa came through that in three sets. Seven five one. Six six three against jovovich winning his tenth title at this event so raffles now got a ten or more titles at four different events which is obviously remarkable and Yeah i mean. They've achieved played each other quite a lot of times at the italian open. They seem to love meeting each other hair as they do at many other events and think this was the ninth time. They've langshaw the at this particular event under. Yeah rafeh actually. Interestingly hasn't been beaten by drug rich on clay in about five years now. So i didn't quite realize it been been that long so I'm sure be helping to that very very soon. Yeah it's been a rivalry of so you know. I think the most prolific rivalry when you kind of look at the the big three. It was a fifty seventh meeting It's now twenty. Eight twenty nine in favor of jack of h. You know the story of that rivalry really recently has been you know. Can one of them dethrone the other on that favorite surface canada. I'll do that. To djokovic hardcore cad djokovic do that to the dial on the clay. Call at the philosophy as been emphatic. No being i think we will kind of remember. Particularly grand slams djokovic shit. You're not twenty nineteen very one sided final winning against the dow roland-garros garrels last year very one sided fight with nadal coming out on top and this i think this final it was. It was very entertaining. I think you're both players. Oversea played some great tennis. I think you can see that second set. The dow does not lose a lot of set six one so you know his his level opposite dropped off after that opening set but some it was a really think fun match to watch it was great to have fans in there but yeah i think for me that i particularly will so enthralling and it was. It was proper for me it was like proper. Big three stuff. You know it was like sixty minute. Plus ended seven five. it was just. It was just a bit of a throwback for me and it was just such Know it was such a great way. I think to open the match. Yes it really. Wasn't it everytime they come up against each other. You d you sort of think. Oh we also lucky to have these amazing players. Still at that pay greeley i eat. I didn't having been so dominant. And the best. The absolute best of fed generation and arguably every generation. And it's just such a treat to dodgy watch them and to bring out the best in each other as well. And you know you've kind of got the early brake rafeh break back. I think we see that quite law from the word go in their matches as very very close often. You get a couple of breaks early on. And i don't see ref edge that set right the end and the second set. You know rough. I had early chances to break. But but didn't and then oversee jovovich kind of up the ante when away if that second set going into the third. So i was a bit like ooh rudy de expect. Now but i i think the pivotal pivotal moment really came at two and you navy had opportunity to break rafa held and then broke to love In the next game and it was very very quick after that i think Going into the end of the match referee opt his level as go in deep into that said sat when when push came to sharpen. Yeah obviously that was a very pleasing outcome for me but what what did you make of what. What did you think as the match on. The navy needed to have done to change the outcome for today. Joe just very quickly. It was really impressive. I think from the dowell to stem that sort of momentum shift the was so dramatic in that second set as he said come. Joker vich was running away with it. And i was actually sort of expecting him to go on and win. The thoughts set the remember. This is the dow. He loves playing. He loves paying right. So does your bitch. The dow was able to kind of change it up. But i think what was interesting i think from the baseline particularly i mean you gotta look at jock of inches forehand and it was quite interesting to see him so of change up between cassette one and set to you because i think he's one he's four hundred direction of speaking about it on tv. It was very sort of even between kind of cross cole and down the line yeah playing into rafters four hundred back cam but really in that second set and what led to kind of that. Six one scoreline was djokovic.

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