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Want to just say Negroes because we have accomplices and allies of other races who are on the front lines, you know, fighting with us pushing for police reform. Pushing for police to be held accountable. But where is the outrage for Andrew Brown Jr? Where's the outrage for Jamal Sutherland in Charleston, South Carolina. Video came out last week of Jamal. Suddenly Jamal, suddenly with a mentally ill black man who was pepper sprayed and taste the death after appearing to resist leaving himself for bail hearing you got killed. And in North Charleston Jail cell. It's on video. The video came out last week. I didn't watch because I can't do any more black trauma. But why didn't that video caused? Outrage? Yes, the offices Sergeant Lindsey Fickett. Endemic Deputy Brian who or how I think you pronounce his last name. They got fired. But why haven't they been charged with a crime? There was no reason to kill Jamal. Suddenly human that you know, had mental health issues. How those officers shouldn't even have been dealing with him in the first place. Okay, bringing the mental health care professionals and get out the way. But my point in bringing that story up is somebody is asleep with. Well. Can we get comfortable after the derrick? Shopping? Guilty verdict? There is still no police reform that has been passed in this country. We still waiting on the George Floyd. Policing

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