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Welcome to the try to come cryptic podcast great to have you here Couple things to say at the moment because of course we are saying. The market's in decline We aware of that But i wanna give my perspective. My view on on what is going on in for me to do that. Ongoing to go onto someone gets a little bit. We've brought down three forty six thousand four hundred sixty five now. That's the region deal taika hundred bucks a disorder that but that was the area by There was apparently little bit poorer route. Forty six thousand just above that level for way while a we have pushed down through the in the in the same breath on the wake. -ly we now do actually have aloha with law swigs kennel down twenty percent this week obviously being decided the died between down four point six percent so therefore awake at four point six percent. Now what i What i really thought back to was two thousand and seventeen of course just because it happened by then doesn't mean it's going to happen this time around but if you consider the run that we've had have light we really haven't had any taught of event that has sort of pulled us back now. I can recall back. I am living shot now on the in the in the august twentieth vulgar. Swipe a chana. A was that way but the week after the chana came out and banned trading bitcoin Six right now that sent the market on a was forty two percent with forty percent of the pullback pulls straight back to three thousand from three thousand we went onto a high of about roughly twenty thousand. Us state now throughout the run that we currently experiencing we really haven't had any sworn top event. And when i say swung top event a you know you talk a black swan events now. The mosque saga with bitcoin. Not this is although mina. It is sending some shockwaves through market. And we can say that by the price. It's really that simple market is listening and and know playing fiddle took. I will add though the back in two thousand and seventeen that was no. It needs the momentum from the lodge businesses out there there was not the culprit conglomerates the giants interested in bitcoin. As a matter of fact back then now our old sign it was a fraud. Ponzi game blah blah blah. Now of course we now. They're starting to embrace it. By bringing product by offering solutions blah blah blah and bitcoin is no longer sane as i You know a bit of money. All right it's being respected so with the current mark dynamic in the pullback that i'm saying at the minor league i haven't gone out and sold them a bitcoin. Don't get me wrong. I have taken province along the white not so much in bitcoin. But in might try i do have a i do full province into style coins and And then work out where to from there To make sure the ryan locking in profits as i guy. Because i did see a lot of people not do that in seventeen and get get hurt and you've heard me speak you've taken province many many times and that's the whole eighth also wanna try as well trying and teach people so this is the first real event As far as i'm concerned about you know. Bitcoin questioned if that makes if that's the right way of putting it we have four point. Five percent forty four thousand one hundred ninety nine. Is this the end of the bull market. Llegado credible guys by dying But for my thought process when the big businesses started to come in. I i can see a probability a good probability that bitcoin will its momentum and this will just be pot all the story of two thousand and twenty one but in the same respect. I'm also sitting in a position whereby have banked profit. I am quite comfortable to ride this out. And i think it's a really good time and i've said this wakes ago weeks ago to take stock of where you're at and what you've gotten if you've had lost changing magno just money that's going to help you live to to look at your options around that now when it comes down to the market and actually wanna do all these tried to. I can make money market. Foles absolutely We do have a down on bitcoin. I am looking for opportunities. I'm not finding anything as of yet.

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