Why Is There Suddenly so Much Talk About Australia's Border Policy?



Since we were talking about the federal budget last week. Norman there has been a lot of talk not just on this podcast but also in other media in conversations that i've been having with people about australia's border policy and the fact that at the moment living this beautiful almost completely covid free bubble but it can't last forever and just what it's going to take for us to transition back into being part of the broader world again and maybe the sort of cost of that as well because in reopening that has inherent risks built into it. Yes so it's been a fair discussion over the weekend on this group coalition. Mp's calling for reopening her no this last forever and brick sutton's being quoted as qualified way saying that we go to actually start discussing how we're going to open up and accept some more risk and a really good piece Yesterday by brendan crabb. And michael tool from the dead institute in the nine media Talking about just being careful about this and these are two people who really know what they're talking about and have got pandemic experience. Look the here are the issues laid out one is we will have to open up one day. We've been told since the beginning of this pandemic that really the only way out of it is as a vaccine. We have a vaccine rollouts at the moment which according to probably the best available data has us completely immunized early. Two thousand and twenty three. What's not completely immunized. But as a percentage of the population

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