A highlight from Hour 2: Finding Your Heart


Go up to o on denver and michael malone head coach. Michael malone is not happy sons. Won the game one. Twenty three ninety eight and coach had this to say the postgame pressure so one team that wanted to be here and play with a purpose and urgency and one seeing the did not want to be here and play with no urgency. And that's what we got arrested. I didn't see that coach. What i saw was one team. That's healthy completely. Where you have chris. Paul and devon booker in the back court where you have mikhail bridges and jae crowder in the front court where you have the biggest question marks how theoretically on paper all those pieces fit perfectly perfectly floor. General point guard looking for his first championship. Kind of the perfect point. Guard chris paul to everything. He can score. He can defend he can lead. He can hook up his teammates. He leads the league in assists and hits dagger threes and gets to the rim and scores in. The paint were finds his teammates. He does everything. Perfect devon booker. The perfect off card. He can handle the point if he has to. But he's a killer score from anywhere on the floor and he can get his own shot. Kale bridges the perfect three and d. Guy jae crowder. The perfect modern swiss army knife player guard. Multiple positions also can shoot deondraye. Aiden the former number one overall pick the big who can also score and defend and who chris. Paul is helping to mould. He's already a very good player. Aiden but was the one question. We know chris. Paul nevin booker. We know mikhail bridges and jay crowder going to and cam johnson off the bench and saroj works. Well with with chris paul. We know that already. And what's going to be what we think chris. Paul have a good effect on them. You know and yeah. He has the andrea been matched up so far on the first two series. The this playoffs with. I anthony davis and then nikola yokich and he's more than held his own so michael malone's denver team is up against a very good starting five with a bench and they're hungry thirsty eve and chris paul frey championships. That's where we start. Then we get to the fact. That coach malone second best players not going to be available. These playoffs because jamal murray is hurt. So it's yokich and not the second best player who else she got. Michael porter jr. Fortunately you got you got a team. Michael porter jr. easily capable of being the second leaders leading scorer on a playoff powerhouse. Except that by the end of game one. We saw his wraps on his back and the reason he was drafted lower than the ought to have been or seemed at the time was because of questions about his back. Medical reports jerry. West saw the medical reports right and passed on twice. So steve brings that up all the time. So michael porter. Jr. was not able to be the second scoring option because he couldn't really play not effectively. Okay so what else you got well. We'll barton came back. That's a good thing except usually a guy who can do multiple things for you especially you that first game back. They're not going to. It's going to have a negative effect on the team. Usually got to integrate the peace reintegrate the peace and we'll barton didn't play a ton of music fifteen or sixteen minutes. Whatever it was but you could see. It had a bad effect on the team. You gotta get it over with. I mean barton gotta come back. You need them but it messed with. Everyone's rotations right so you had more players playing fewer minutes and the player. I noticed effect. The most aaron gordon the third most important player on the team right now. I mean without your mom rates. Yokich one puerto junior to gordon. Three and aaron gordon had atypically in these plus had a bad game atypically meaning not normal for him. He's had a lot of good games but he had a bad game. I think that's will barton. I think that's the rotation being messed with and now puerto junior may not you know maybe if you were arrested him which also a bad option but maybe it would have been better than what happened. Because maybe he'd be more fully healthy for game three coach. You're feeling after that loss. I felt we quit tonight Which is something you never want to see So i guess for game three. I'm just going to try to find guys at well. At least go out there and leave it all on the line. I may have a hard time coming up with five guys at fill that but These two games. These second half's Have really been disappointing. And that's an understatement. Oh he's trying to push his team's buttons. I don't think he really believes they quit. I don't think they quit. But he's trying to push his team's buttons. I don't blame him and you know who else is pushing buttons. Chris paul who is. He's the perfect point guard. Really what doesn't he do. He scores on and he doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective. He's a very. he's an excellent even almost an elite off ball score with the ball in his hands. He's an all time great decision maker not just finding the open man beautiful passing and put knowing when his team needs to score when a certain guy needs to get the ball to get them going getting his teammates in the right position and he defends and he shoots from the outside the mid range finishes in the paint and he hits free throws everything and he also knows how to instill confidence in a young ascending teammate. Chris paul what he said at the post game press conference and how this might affect certain young teammate of

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