A highlight from How Long Can We Live?, The Knight's Templar Longevity Diet, How To Have Bigger Babies, How *Not* To Exercise, The Best Morning Meditation & Journaling Practice & Much More!


On this episode of the ben greenfield fitness. Podcast turns out that there is a distinct link between exercise and a sense of purpose. This is probably why exercise is also associated with a reduced rate of depression just overall higher profile of mood states scores overall by program your subconscious to just dwell upon that person. It's as though you're helping them out subconsciously throughout the day and then finally at what point in the day was that character me most connected to my life's purpose performance nutrition longevity ancestral living biohacking and much more. My name is ben greenfield. Welcome to the show. Are i folks. Visit the magical moment. My brand new pretty unique kind of weird cookbook is ready. I say weird. Because it's just chock full of all these crazy in unique mashups of molecular gastronomy and biohacking and superfoods along with recipes from from my wife from my kids It's an epic bounty of mouthwatering taste. Bud entertaining goodness. And i think the the luscious photo spread throughout are pretty darn cool as well. It's a beautiful cookbook. It's big it's beautiful. It's chock full of all the crazy unique recipes. You hear me talking about making you know on instagram and podcast articles. Now it's all done for you. It's all spelled out. You can eat the way. I do from the comfort of your own home using the same type of foods that i eat. So here's the deal in the final weeks leading up to the cookbook launch. I'm running some pretty darn cool promos. So i have a few partners who have partnered up with who are going to be giving away a ton of extra goodies like four thousand dollars worth of extra goodies if you preorder the cook book before general.

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