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In the summer of nineteen forty one churchill across the atlantic meet good friend franklin delano roosevelt on these two men who so well understood the moral force of ideas. They merged the atlantic charter. This document blueprint for all the world. The fundamental freedoms to which the two great english speaking nations leads themselves as their goal in war and eighty years after roosevelt. Churchill signed the atlantic charter president biden and prime minister. Boris johnson today will sign a twenty first century version of that historic accord. Joe and willie. You know it's so interesting over the past four and a half years past five years. We've been talking about that atlantic short we've been talking about nato we've been talking about how it's been fraying at the edges and some among us some among us. I'm not naming. Anybody willie have suggested that. Perhaps america will never survive that that our relationships will be forever frayed because of the forty fifth president of the united states. And who knows. Maybe that's true. I suspect it's not but it is interesting. We get to. We certainly got to see donald trump's view of the world which was unique for any postwar president. Now we're going to get to see. Joe biden's follow up to see If there is damaged with this relationship and now he can clean it up your first of all. I wish jon meacham. We're here talking about the atlantic charter. His book franklin and winston about their friendship that was signed before america even got into world war two actually a few months before pearl harbor so fat such an interesting dynamic between those two guys and of course. The two countries in president biden has explicitly said yes. This trip is about repairing some of that damage. This trip is about the president. United states going back into the world tickly to our strongest allies. And saying we're here for you. We don't view our relationship as some kind of a financial transaction and it really starts today when joe biden meets with british prime minister. Boris johnson. In cornwall ahead of the start of the g seven summit tomorrow. The two leaders expected distress close ties. Try to manage their personal and political differences yesterday. President biden had this to say about america's standing in the world. We're gonna make clear that. The united states is back and democracies of the are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future i believe we're an inflection point in world history the moment where it falls to us to prove the on not just endure but they will excel as we rise to seize the enormous opportunities of a new age. We have to discredit those. Who believed the age of democracy is over. Some of our fellow nations believed graft exposes false the narrative that decrees of dictators can match the speed and scale the twenty-first challenges. You know and i know the wrong. But it doesn't mean we don't have to work harder than ever to prove. Democracy can still deliver for our people. Let's bring in. Nbc news for foreign correspondent matt. Bradley he's on the ground with president biden in europe and he joins us live in. Cornwall matt set the scene for us. Yeah we're talking about joe biden. Who's going to be going starting a week of really interesting somewhat tense meetings now. Of course the anchor of this trip. The main event is going to be next week in geneva and that's when the president meets with vladimir putin that is going to be a pivotal exchange. But really that meeting is going to be hanging over all the meetings that are going to be happening here. In cornwall with the g. Seven with some of the observer countries who come to witness the g seven discussions and also crucially as you mentioned with boris johnson today. Now this meeting with workshops and you guys were talking about the atlantic charter from eighty years ago this year. One thousand nine hundred forty one one of the really important things about the atlantic charter. Is that set the groundwork for what would later become nato and the united nations. And that's one of the main messages. The joe biden is bringing here to cornwall. Is that these international institutions these international sutures that formed the the the the groundwork the plumbing underneath all of the international relations the major modern international relations that we see post war. Those need to be renewed. And that's what he's bringing here. You know. Boris johnson his office at number ten downing street. They really deliberately tried to stylized. Boris johnson is a kind of latter day winston churchill so this know posturing with this atlantic charter. This might be lost on the states but here in britain. That's a really big deal for boris johnson. To be able to show that he is with america that they're plowing ahead and they're moving independently of europe because remember. Boris johnson was the main champion of brexit something that biden and his and brock obama. We're very critical of guys. Nbc's matt bradley. Thank you very very much. Let's bring in white house reporter for the associated. Press jonathan the mayor who is traveling with the president and bbc news anchor and correspondent katty. Kay joins us and joe. You know one the things this white house behind the scenes told me they're trying to do is show not tell and what you see happening. We'll be reporting more on the covid. Vaccines that the. Us will be delivering to the world. But also on this trip to show not tell people what our place in the world is right in return to normalcy by the way Feel free if you'd like to like a sidebar on boris johnson wanting to be seen as a latter-day winston churchill. You feel free to comment about that. I'm curious about the relationship with boris johnson. The one thing that he has been actually effective in doing is having a good relationship with donald trump last president being a champion of brexit and lining up with donald trump sort of this latter day conservative populism. That this sort of new populism that many on the right across the world or embracing but he also moved very quickly and congratulating joe biden move very quickly in showing that his relationship with the country and not with the man more so i must say than other world leaders. How is his relationship with joe biden. Well festival boris johnson's relationship with history. And there is you're right. There's nothing more that he would like to be competitive anyway to winston churchill. The prime minister. Who wrote the biography of winston churchill would love to hear those words. There's clearly some political friction between the two. Joe biden called boris johnson. A clone of donald trump at one point. Boris johnson had suggested that donald trump was deserving of the nobel peace prize. So there is a bit of history. They're not necessarily politically aligned. Either joe biden committed to multilateral relationships. We're going to see a lot of that during this trip. But of course. Boris johnson pulled britain out of that big multilateral relationship in the european union but all of the senior diplomats on the british side that i speak to say these are professionals in the white house. They are not going to let the past get in the way of what can be very solid future relationship and there are some areas in which actually boris johnson has a much closer political ties with joe biden. He with donald trump areas like climate change. Boris johnson is is actually spending a lot of time on and is very committed to the issue climate. Change something that he finds in this white house much more than he did.

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