China's Lost Civilization 'Sanxingdui' Meets Ufology with Ufologist Shao Ma

Truth Be Told


Well. I'm excited. Because i was telling you before that i've i've never had anybody that from china or even anybody to talk about Chinese ancient civilizations and mixed in with ufology. So this is exciting for me. So i really appreciate it I was telling you before everybody has their own ufo stories. You know myself you know. Many of my guest people on the streets they well. I don't really believe. But i did see something or i've saw a spacecraft or i saw an. You're an alien or extraterrestrial so but you've had sounds like quite a few encounters. Could you talk about your your own personal encounters before we get into anything else show. Thanks so my experience. Back in two thousand twelve before dow every joke. Low working at defy. What when i was you know traveled to brazen office and i saw a ufo crop hovering outside of the sky in a window. So look at him. Some my gosh. That is silver in color round voice shape just hovering sky midway through so that really challenged might hurt on so starches think there might be something beyond what we know and Off the guards. It's just here for a minute of a threat is a kind of panic connection between me and cross Dot crop radiate much love. You know war really so our start to won't digging a home. I decided to the further in order to on a youtube channels trying to know what is saying. Is that really man. May or ufo craft so after that incident happened back in two thousand twelve. Of course none of my colleague believe me. I saw this out of my office. So nobody believes me so i my experience. Just that to picking up. You know all those very intense auto body experience Meeting with various different each e. beams some benevolent Most of them have been neverland. The new true you know business life just here to see what your dream basically

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