A highlight from The Empire Strikes Back: Inflation Hits 5% While Elizabeth Warren Goes After Bitcoin


Bitcoin legal tender with more when president naib kelly jumped on nick. Carter's twitter space on tuesday. Someone asked him about bitcoin mining. I think it was actually alex. Gradstein that prompted president kelly to speculate about the potential for bitcoin mining powered by geothermal energy from volcanoes while by the next morning he had initiated a project around exactly that and the ceo of the largest north american minor was up in his comments asking about getting involved. The net of all of this. Was that the possibility of a new mainstream. Narrative of bitcoins capacity for economic empowerment has captured. The imagination of bitcoin is the world over but of course this wouldn't be bitcoin without some controversy and strive to go with it last night. I jokingly said that today's episode is going to have to be called the empire strikes back and this wasn't in reference specifically to the global powers that be getting up el salvador's craw about bitcoin although there is a meeting with the imf today that could provide some insight into their initial reaction to the move in fact as i was prepping. The show preemptive comments from the m. f. came out jerry

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