A highlight from June 21st: Local News Roundup HR 2


Love the fed right. And we've got dueling fed to hunt shows talking about inflation and when we might see them reacting to that but seems to me that this is following on tactic of ignoring it until it becomes a problem basically saying inflation smooth flation but when you take a look around. Everything is skyrocketing with the in terms of price. With the exception of lumber lumber went through the roof and then just dip Justice quickly seemingly fell off the cliff in terms of pricing. They had all those people. That were hoarding lumber. Trying to dump it now as quickly as they can but everything from gas to rant to groceries two used cars unique name it going up in price but the says nothing to see here. Just keep moving right along seven ten thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios. Well sell energy jumping on that bandwagon saying that because of increased commodity prices well we could see our natural gas and electricity costs. You know where. I'm going with this go up. Because what will the utility do. It will pass through those costs. Some pretty significant costs particularly when it comes to natural gas as well as higher. Electricity costs to all of us excel energy customers in the third quarter where confirmed piece by out of swallow the out of the denver post so seemingly every quarter. I'm this is just a kind of commonplace in a perfunctory. Request excel energy as the puc to pass through. Its cost purchasing natural gas and electricity and as is the case was so many items this year those commodities are marching steadily higher now. The company said in a news release already doing some damage control.

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