A highlight from 211: Ape Drums (Major Lazer)

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What's up back backers. This is willie joy. Welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast. How are we how we doing out there. How we feel in doing. I said doing already. I guess that's enough enough questions. You get the idea. Nice to be back with you I'm doing alright myself coming off my birthday weekend last week. Kept it pretty low key. A few friends outdoor dinner but it was great. I hope you had a great week as well and let me tell you right now. It's about to get a little better. My guest this week. Actually you know what last week. Let's talk about last week. I had walsea fire one third of major lazer and this week. I've got a drums on the podcast ape. Drums is here. The newest member of major lazer one third of the group along with wall see and dip blow and has been on the show a couple times too so we have now completed. The major lazer trifecta. This was a great episode. i love ape drums. He's got a brand new ep out right now. Called the sound boy ep. It's out on mad decent. It's got abrahams working with a lot of amazing dancehall artist. People like beam silent addie many more. And you'll hear us talk about it. In the conversation i it is back to classic abe drums vibes just updated for twenty twenty one Men it really made me smile when i heard it. I think it's going to do the same for you. So if you wanna go check that out if you want to follow abe drums. Keep up to date with him. There's a link in the description of this episode where you can go and do just that. We'll get into our conversation in just a second before we do. Quick pre announcement announcement update. Look guys i loot to this last week. There are some exciting happenings. Come into the podcast. You're going to see the official announcement up on my socials and probably actually put a very short little episode out here as well with the official announcement this week but suffice it to say i said this already on the last episode we are going live. You're going to be able to watch these conversations being recorded in real time you're going to be able to interact with it if that is what you would like to do one thing. You should really do if you haven't done. It already is common. Joined the back to back discord. There's gonna be another link in the description of this episode where you can find us there. Come join the discord guys. Come say hi to me m in there all the time and if you want to get involved with this show a little more you want to get a little interactive. That's going to be the best place to do it as well if you're music producer. There's a space where you can come share. What you're working on. Get some feedback from some other great producers link-up network all of that good stuff that is on the discord so come say hi to me there. All right so look for today with ape drums Man i'm really glad we got up to do this. Abrams is somebody. I've known for a long time but we never really were that close. It was always in passing. It was always just you know friendly acquaintances. But he's always been one of those people who just always leaves a great impression. You just walked away being like. Yeah i like that guy. That's a good guy. And i think this conversation Only goes to prove that he is in fact a good guy as well as an extremely talented musician. Really interesting story. He somebody who's really carved out a lane for himself executed a vision for what he wanted his sound to be that has led him All the way into being a member of major lazer and as you're about to hear he's got a lot of plans for the future as well. And i am looking forward to seeing them once again go follow abrahams. Hit the lincoln the description go grab the sound. Bp which is our right now on mad decent and look as things are opening backup. You know major lazer is going to be back on the road so go see him anytime. He's coming through your town but for now i just hope everyone out. There is having a good day. I hope he had a good week. I hope everything in your life is is going the way you want it to be going. Thank you all as always for supporting this show. Shout out to everybody who's been supporting week after week year after year. Look if you want to reach me on social media at willie joy or at-bat back pod on everything if you want to support this show. The best way to do that is to help us. Spread the word tags in your stories. Put up a tweet letting people know they should be listening. And of course. I'm always going to be interacting with anything. You guys put out there. I love to meet new listeners. Listeners i love to talk to everybody out there and just share in these conversations that i'm having everyone gets really the best part of doing this so much love to all of you. I hope you enjoy this episode. I know that i did. Let's get into a right now. This is me and abe drums backed to back.

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