A highlight from Episode #545 - Alive and Janine - Zac Amico


Action. Hey everybody is to lead skaggs podcast. We are coming to you from or hotel. Rooms in austin texas and boy. Did dave get fat boy. Oh you get fat and stupid. Got debbie comes to texas for one day. His mind really opened up a lot. Brace the lifestyle just even barbecue sucking off dudes. This guy will tell you when he's done stuff new dave's gonna tell you what he's done some stuff. I would vote for this day for now. We don't dave new york but we do have the great. The great and legendary zach. Amigo joining us national superstar. Ankara avenue gentleman. I will say louis if you would have legally changed the named joe rogan. Dave would be here without a doubt to fucking answer. My phone calls once in a while. Catfish for sure. Oh yeah but he'd be here dude. Welcome to joe rogan stakes. The greatest elk restaurant this side of the mississippi all did they might have a piece of graphite arrowhead and your buck meat. But i'll tell you this. That burger is gonna go down silky smooth. I'm opening comedy j. You know i've been tweeting about i. I'm very public about it. At this point in fact if you guys want to invest shereen email realize official gmail.com this time getting investors and. I've had plenty of people in the amount of people that want to invest in. My comedy club is bonkers. You guys are competing to be. Investors in the shade gomez comedy clueless himself only be a one three hundred thousandth of an owner of the the lion share of the comedy club. No matter what yes funded complete with other people one hundred percent now the lion share. He's not going to tell the truth. About how much. I'm taking home like wait. I'm losing money. I just love comedy you. The owners The people on the club. It's a club of and by the people. I do the books to cook them a little bit shirt or younger they right now. This is a big deal dude. This comedy club. If you know what. I'll tell you right now. The largest investor i will let the comedy club and they can even anything. They want anything they want. You're looking me right in the eyes. Because you know i like. I don't want to give money. But would you love me could you. What would you name it if you could name a comedy club. Join me tell you what would have helped us. What giggle shits giggled. But it's going to spell s. c. H. i. t.'s. Somebody somebody jewish gay guy on nevis giggle shows diggle shits vigne q. Gentlemen yeah giggle. Ships a good name my first name that i ever thought of which is great but i see it won't work in. This environment is the n. Word the n. Word the end ward ward like Yes like that's. I mean that's a funny play on words section eight hundred m and then this is the end board hit. Well yeah The award little bit west and the words words over there then war this fund the end. Were you wanna dance. Were not going to cause a lot. More controversy Giggle shits will get its own problems. I'm sure but a play on words. It's great call the green room the n. Word we don't let black people in the n. Word yeah yeah. But i'm going to open this comedy club great. I'm going to take applying all after this pandemic was over. I'm going to comedy goes on. Like why am i kissing these people's asses with the pandemic toss. We don't need any of these people. I'm doing the stand on. If i remember tomorrow to put in like seller veils. Maybe next week. And i'll go there. They're taking on the plexiglass. Finally but i mean like. I don't know like comedy clubs me like the ones in the city. This point just feel like politics do they. The mlb again for the second time. The comedy cellar. I had to say please stop emailing me. I don't work at your club. I feel like you're just doing it to fuck. They send you like the. We're taking the plexiglas glassy. Mel's lists. I don't work here. I was like taking this list. Well that sucks but yeah no. I haven't been back there since comedies. Been back at all in the city feels very then either shit with them in the book so like but like it's just Am big rush. Just do like the few it to stay in the road and all the roads. So we're going to open up the n. Word and we investor. Bobby hutcherson best. Of course he does. Alex wants to invest. She asked for a raise just so she could invest au. Jus gimme raise and then just take that and give me consider one three thirty th owner of this club while you take the lying share. We invest Why would you say this to be on the air like come on. I'll tell you right now because if you invest all the people that are out there watching right now invited fucking. Pj believes in a big never believes in louis idea. That's not true. Convince the on board with this comedy club financially responsible perspective. I think people have. I've behind me get behind a lot of your ideas. I'm scaring really. We're not gonna get behind from the man who brought you brunch all

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