Acer Says It 'Can Only Fill 50% of the Worldwide Demand'


Intel announced two new eleventh gen use series processors at compu- tech's the core. I seven one. One nine five g seven and the i five one five five g seven both have four cores and threads plus z graphics with ninety six execution units for the i seven and eighty execution units for the i five the i seven is the first use series chip able to hit five gigahertz in a single court. Turbo boost with the base clock of two point nine gigahertz. Today is june. First the editorial board of daily tech news show regrets the air acer. Co-ceo tiffany wang said. The company can only fulfil fifty percent of demand on average due to the shortage. Saying the situation won't change until up to q two of two thousand twenty two at compacts intel ceo pat gelsinger said. The chip shortage will quote. Take a couple of years for the ecosystem to address shortages. A foundry capacity substrates and components and gardner issued a report. Saying it believes. This is the most serious point. In the shortage and estimates it will continue until q. Two twenty twenty two alienware announced that the x fifteen gaming laptop will start at two thousand dollars and the seventeen gaming laptop starting at two thousand one hundred dollars. The x fifteen fifteen point nine millimeter thick in some configurations offering up c. Two hundred forty hertz refresh rate screen while the seventeen offers up to eight three hundred sixty hertz refresh rate both offer offer eleven th gen intel core processors and support up to an rtx thirty eighty graphics card uber announced thirty. Three thousand drivers joined it's us platform during the week of may seventeenth increasing active driver hours. Four point four percent over the previous week and marking a new record for drivers since the start of two thousand twenty one who did not say how that number compared to pre pandemic times. My guess is because it didn't compare it very well. Crypto currency exchange quaint base announced that its users can use money from their new coin base cards through apple. Pay and google payne gwen. Baseball automatically convert all crypto to. Us dollars when adding to a customer's queen base card that can then be used for purchases and then received crypto rewards for shopping.

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