What Differentiates a Migraine From a Headache


Let's talk about headaches here on the exam room. Podcast brought to you by the physicians committee and not just any headache. We're about the mother of all headaches. Today we are going to be talking about migraine headaches. What exactly they are. And then how your diet may be affecting whether or not your head is pounding or not and so. We have a gentleman with us here today. Who knows all about this matter. Fact did a comprehensive study on this very topic not too terribly long ago and with that we welcome. Dr neil barr back to the exam room. Thank you so very much for being here. Sir hijack great to be with you. Let's start with the surface level question. What is a migraine. And how does it compare to those day to day headaches that we all get great question. A migraine is not just a bad headache. untypical tension headache. That a lot of folks get is a dull ache lasts an hour or two. It's gone that's of beds. That's about it now. it can be intense. But the differentiates a migraine is that migraines are usually one-sided. They're often pounding and throbbing with your pulse. And along with it. You get lots of other things to. You're really sensitive to lights and sounds and sometimes you'll feel sick. You might even actually throw up. So it's it's a whole physical thing. as opposed to just Attention headache some people will get an aura beforehand. Not everybody but sometimes you'll see changes in your vision. That will warn you that the migraine is about to hit and we talk a lot about chronic illness on the show. Is there any research showing whether or not migraines can be genetic at all they can be and they can also strike at any time of life. Unlike so many conditions where you've got to kind of be middle aged for to happen You'll see them in kids. And i have to tell you check. There is nothing sadder than a kid. Who's got a migraine because they last a long time. They can last overnight the next day kids aren't in school They're just waiting in the dark and what they're hoping for is that they will fall asleep. Sometimes the sleep will arrest the migraine and they can function again but there are kids who have them a few times a week and it can be just really

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