Kaepernick, Other Libs Have the Money but Choose Not to Help


Joe Biden, Kamila John Kerry Al Sharpton. Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Brian Stelter, the Coffee Boy, CNN You all you have all the media entities that all the public profiles to do it. Start the Let's make it right Foundation today and just donate all of your property for redistribution to your classes of aggrieved victims. Just what's stopping you? Just do it Doggy style. Nike can do it to their woke. They hired Colin Kaepernick, the guy who had the socks with the cops. His pigs. Remember him? Yeah. Real American hero to the left. What a joke. Have him donate. Colin. What is Colin mate? He's got to be a multimillionaire, right? I'm just this year because someone looked at up to steal. What is Colin capper to me? He's got to be worth 10 10 20,000,020 million minutes. Just give it back. Give it back. Just give it back. Nobody's stopping you. Seattle Waterfront. Give the whole park away. Just give it away to your thing. Give it away. Give the water from book Spn. Just take forget about tax dollars. Why do you need that? Liberals? Give up your property, Donate them to any aggrieved victim class you want and you don't need SPL owns. What's the problem? Joe Biden corrected tomorrow. Didn't you have your son get 3.5 million from a corrupt Russian Moscow mayor's wife. He didn't take that 3.5 million from the corrupt Russian that you got the money from. Ask your son Hunter to take his book royalties, Industry and a half Millie put it in the Let's make it right Foundation to give it back just to it lead by example. Doing? What? Once you were 20 minutes. 20 Millie. He's worth 20 million. I just found this out. Appreciate Jim. You don't hear about here, but he's a gym like an angel from above. 20 million. You know how many? You know how quickly Colin could correct systemic racism in the United States and agree victims take the 20 million, put it in the Let's make it right

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