A highlight from 710: Ted Lasso S1E2 Rewatch: 'Biscuits'



To the incomparable coverage of ted lasso season one. My name is dan morgan and are walking through the the episodes of the first lhasa. 'cause we just enjoyed the show so gosh darn much and in advance of the second season coming out. We thought we'd take a look back at what we liked so much about the first season this episode is covering episode two of ted lasette which is entitled biscuits and i have assembled a murderer's row of talented football players. To join me. Shannon south is here. Hi shannon hi. I'm not really sure what's a joke anymore. Excellent john malta's also here. Hi john lewis the ponytail. Then i should. It's true doesn't look good with my hairline. Let me tell you and joining us in his debut pulse abortions here. Welcome paul hello. I've got a face. Yes we're going to run through episode to and as a warning for you of course we will be spoiling things probably from the rest of the season to a little bit. We'll try to keep it mainly this episode. But we'll we'll probably talk a little bit about. The show is also be aware if you haven't already seen what are you waiting for your commitment. You shouldn't be listening to this. Yeah pause right now. Go shoe watch multitasking. So this is the second episode mentioned. I think one of the interesting things about this. Just before we get into it is like second episodes are really hard. I think they're way harder than i episodes because i episodes are like i've got a premise right. Like i've got an idea for a show and like we banged out half an hour on this really tight idea for like here's the setup of american. Football coach goes to london right. But like the second episode. You gotta deliver. What is this show about. And so we open with ted making himself breakfast on his first official day he pours himself a bola shredded wheat. Which is one big shredded wheat And do the work himself. Yes exactly you gotta gotta break that sucker up. I feel like. I had those when i was a kid. I feel like they were still around in the us. I think i think you were just smaller. And they seemed. That's what i was wondering. Why the mini weeds beanie. He met outside by coach beard and they discuss having the first day of school and they walk over. Grab some coffee and go to the park. Where the kids are playing soccer. And there's one particularly talented young woman who is like basically get one over on all the guys like driven through them and stuff and we go into the office to have actually going to the office. Could i could drop in or not to. I don't want to hijack the show the show. Well first of all noting the fact that this episode is directed by of all people zach braff. Which a fact. I did not know about on my first couple of viewings And i remember reading. But i don't remember any of the completely accurate details so this is entirely from memory that i think he just was going to be over in england for for a job and i think bill lawrence. It's bill lawrence right. Yup just contacted him and asked him if you would be interested in directing an episode and it just worked out to be this one. Think which i thought was just sort of a neat fact. It's the only episode. He directed on the season I i love in these opening few minutes that this way the show plants seeds episodes such as and not necessarily huge seeds and i also like the fact that they don't hang a lampshade on every one of them but like the gotta look right coach which comes back in later episode and The oscar yes cameron cam coal.

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