Google Photos Removed Unlimited Storage for Free


June first today google photos. Free storage is over so that ship has sailed who rolled out the voters. Austin was it osterloh or was it the other guy. Who's the guy who was really excited about google photos. What was that guy's name remember. Was right right around google plus. Yeah no this was was it and notre maybe they say i can't remember trying to flex my google right now but yeah. Yeah yeah anyway. So let's maybe find that while talking about. But i think it was victim because writer runtime a google plus and google photos and it was great and it all worked together and all this stuff and a big part of it was that it was free. And as part of it being free you got. You got free high-quality uploads able to upload stuff at full res- and store there that's over so no more free high-quality uploads for most users upload begin to count against your google account storage. So those of you. Who if you look at the bottom left of your g mail and you see how much percentage storage you've taken up on. Google photos will count towards that and photos uploaded to your library prior to that today. Do not count against that quota only for new images going forward so there's not like retroactive billing or anything like that it just like this is the brave new world. You've got storage quota for google. That is g mail. G dr google photos all under one roof and if you need to expand that storage guess what you can pay like. Everybody else does so does this does this change. How much mu love google photos for you. Either view because google photos is one of those. Like right is one of those gems Yeah i consider it. Definitely one of the premium. Premier google services. I mean it's definitely one of the ones that i've used the most and valued the most.

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