A highlight from Jon Meacham on the Roots of the Capitol Riot

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About a podcast. That i think you'll love. It's called gastropod. It combines two of my favorite things science in history specifically the history of my third favorite thing. Actually maybe my first favorite thing food but really. It's about all the weird and wonderful things. You never knew about what you eat. Every day. the two hosts. Cynthia nikki are delightfully funny and charming and they take you on deep dives into the most curious topics like whether new york city bagels are better because of the water or what. Scientists are discovering about the link between diet and alzheimer's. Wanna know why. American mangoes tastes so bad. And what that has to do with george w bush and harley davidsons. They've got that covered to in fact one of their latest episodes is probably one of my new favorites. It's all about airplane food. Yes airplane food and it gets into how we went from fine dining in the skies to lukewarm mystery meat under tin foil and they also explored the science of how cabin pressure affects our sense of taste and how those little packets of nuts became such a staple of commercial air flight is just fascinating and i love it when i learned something but it feels like i'm just listening to someone. Tell a great story. that's gastropod pod. The new york times wired ted talks. They've all chosen. Gastropod is one of their favorite podcasts. It's one of my favorites too. So subscribe to gastro pod on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you like to listen. American history is full of infamous people places and events like the salem witch trials and the black socks baseball scandal alcatraz prison in the bermuda triangle d b cooper and bonnie and clyde and lee harvey oswald. I'm chris wimmer. Join me on the infamous america. Podcast for stories of some of the darker and more controversial chapters of american history. All told with cinematic music and sound design. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever. You're listening now. Hi. i'm ben. Mathis and welcome to kick ass news all of america or i should say. Most of america was shocked and horrified on january. Six twenty twenty one. When alt-right protesters violently invaded the us capital resulting in one hundred and forty injuries and five deaths. It was a crisis. Unlike anything in our history but it didn't come out of nowhere and it wasn't without warning as conspiracy theorists like cunanan spread like a virus through the republican party over the past five years many supporters of donald trump grew increasingly hostile and violent both in their speech and their actions but according to my guest today the roots of january sixth go much farther back than that and he delves into the history of this in his new podcast. Fate of fact today. I'm happy to welcome pulitzer prize. Winning author and historian. John meacham back to the show to discuss the rumblings of conservative discontent that back to the nixon and goldwater eras how. The gop succeeded in squelching. The john birch irs in the sixties but failed to control the radical elements in the party today and whether or not the republican party can be salvaged plus john shares. What is late friend. George h w bush thought of donald trump and the rise of the all right the future of cunanan and much more coming up with jon meacham in just a moment

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