A highlight from Fan Arrested For Throwing Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving; Stephen A. Smith Points Out That Fans Took Action; Kamala Harris' Memorial Day Weekend Tweet; Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Take Over Rush Limbaugh's Spot


So we got the jewelry. And we're not. We're not wearing masks. And we're not distancing and not all stay in our homes except maybe except maybe culinary. I'm not sure about him. I went to. I went massless. The home depot this weekend in the round of applause for me in the youtube comments please. If you don't. I don't think you're a new boss is going to like that. If you're dead in two weeks. I hope everyone had a great memorial day or vice president calls it a long weekend and our president calls it. Everyone stays cool this weekend. There are. I mean you could say what you want about. Donald trump people obviously hate everything about him. He drives him nuts and their people. Who hate george bush and god knows. I didn't wasn't a fan of obama but it's ever been tom. Chadwick tone deaf administration than this one. I mean obviously the the media slobs all over them regardless of what they say or do but there was not a lot of defense for kamala harris. If you missed a tweeting out a picture of herself smiling and says have a great long weekend. And i was one of millions. She got so ratio on this saying why is it long. Why is there. You know a day off on monday. What does that day mean. You don't have to go real deep into it and pretend that you're profoundly affected by memorial day but you do have to acknowledge why that day is a set aside commemorate on that day and i know she made up for it later because her team probably grabbed her or or assistant. Whoever tweeted that said what the hell are you doing. Have a great long weekend have a guy. I have a friend who who went to went to annapolis. Who was part of the top gun program. Who son just graduated from annapolis. We used them two weeks ago in. We couldn't they told us not to bring up. That kamala was going to be speaking at his graduation. It was what you'd expect though. You saw some clips of it right where there were uncomfortable. Cackling at nothing. Some bad joke about social injustice and economic Equities inequity and. You're right and then of course you just cackles to herself while on. These cadets must have been thinking like jeez can't we just get can we do have a do over. Can anybody else gives us a two minutes. Something just get us oliver north or you know they could get an this. I tweeted about it over the weekend. I can't recommend it enough. Even though memorial day is over. I think people can do themselves a favor and read the thread by johnny joey jones. If if you don't do johnny. Joey jones is he's a fox. News contributor is on you know various shows. I think he was on that Show with his four women. The guy in the middle. You know outnumbered yesterday. But he's a veteran. You lost both marine. Lost both his legs in In iraq and And he's a study cell jackson. He's a really good looking guy and and articulate guys. It was on tv a lot. He's good. He's really good on on a lot of topics but he has a thread that i think he posted sunday. And it just starts off says. I don't think i can't drink anymore. Because when i drink the ghosts come out. The ghosts are all the people who serve with all the many serb with who lost their lives over there and he gets into a long explanation of how he gets. He can't escape. It can't drink because if he does you know he he gets haunted and then he at the end of the threat he just starts posting the bios of the friends he had died over. There died in combat and it's unbelievable ends with his best friend who didn't die in combat. Who came home had ptsd badly and bad and Committed suicide is best. Friend owes whole life. And i think in a fellow marine. It's the greatest most intense most Heart wrenching thread. You will ever read and it stood such contrast to some. It's not just kamala harris but lots of people who had you know just this gratuitous know. Let's remember everybody elliott. Let's say on this memorial day as we eat and drink to excess. But this this more than anything. I've ever read kind of hit the the right tone in that. It was solemn it was sad it was it was a tragic and it was a an explained. What the hell the day was about. What the hell the holiday was about. And so i find anybody go back. Joe jr is his name. Is joey jones on on twitter. And he's excellent. Yeah and you don't know these wars in the the casualties of these wars you talk about like legacy of of Disadvantaged of people people. But you know you're losing family members young fathers whose mothers are twenty four years old unborn kids etc. I'm sorry just the kids weren't born with dad died. I mean this entire legacies change because of these wars in it's remarkable. It's remarkable happens. Thankfully the armed forces are supportive of each other but it's frigging brutal brutal brutal situation where he just young just stolen away In their lives. Change forever. Like you. And i generally dads who like played hardball with us. You know and showed us how to throw a curveball and hit the ball imagine like not having that guy not having tell you how to clean a fish how to fish do anything any guidance how to is just sucked away from you immediately. And it's like i think that there's too much of this. I i love. I love that we had dogs and beer and all that stuff. That's great but man. It should hurt a little bit memorial day and this this is exactly right. That's this hurt a little bit to read this. And you're i always think did we see i hate to say it because it insults the people who died there or lost limbs there but what exactly did we accomplish when you see video or photos of normandy of of you. Know ninety percent of the guys in the first Wave of boats that hit the beach at normandy died ninety percent. And if you saw i i i re tweet. Another photo of the scared faces of those guys are about to hit the beach. And they're you know seventeen eighteen years old children and they're gonna in their dying you to stop the to stop hitler. The sent to save the world really say we lost a lot of guys on that beach and in that war but they did it to save the world and often wonder if you're joey jones or evening thorough rubber meal or any any prominent veteran. I see them. And i wonder do. They think it was worth it. You know when you hear. There's an unbelievable video and you can find this to colony. Because i think tweet out himself i also re tweeted it of him after he he was in the hospital. Its legs are gone. And he's got interviewed and he's obviously much younger. It was whatever it is now in a year. I don't know what to think. Two thousand six or seven and he's talking about how you know. He's lucky because of fell marines died over there and he has a second chance at life. he's talking about being lucky after losing both legs in this war. And as you look back do you have something. Come to mind immediately of what we won in that war why that war was worth it because that would be my if i were him i'd be wondering that every day was it worth it In the country in a lot of times the first reaction. If you talk to these guys the first reaction in the these guys gloss limbs is i want to get back in. I wanna go right now backing with guys. That's it it's crazy. We you know we used to do a fisher house like radiothon etc and that was the one thing that all of them. None of them didn't want to go back with their units and get back in there. And that's why you talk about like when these guys when these units get these guys lose their brothers why they come back in they have the survivor's syndrome you know in the kill themselves is that they're missing a real appendage. Like these guys are part of them and they've died a lot of times. They've saved these guys into you. Know you see them. And they're all shaking up a lot of these. These guys who who whose units have been wiped away in the suicidal guys are just. They're broken you can tell. I mean we've had we've had the guys who have the dogs that keep them alive. The the The therapy dogs. And these that's are just simply broken some of them are teary eyed and the dogs. Keep nudging them so that they they. The vets don't focus on the pain. The vets focus on the dog. It's crazy the default for these guys is shutdown and quit for you know what else they haven't come. I think i mean obviously not one hundred percent but invariably when you hear from guys like that they don't want to be don't want us as a country is a nation to be there any longer. I mean particularly afghantistan.

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