White Women, Listen Up!



I am thrilled to have you on again side. I know it's been a minute. And as much as the world has gone through the wringer and shifted these last few months. I'm sure you've experienced a lot of changes as well. I believe it was early. March when you and i spoke rate And at the time. We had regina as well. And i remember being so impressed with your radical honesty how you would unafraid to call out racism and also admitted to the nuances. It plays at the person level. So today what i want to do is i want you to build on the conversation further. And maybe we go in uncharted directions. Sure and i'm going to put on the spot now and snippet from your last episode. Take listen when. I ran for congress. The a pat the asian american. You know hack in. Dc has a big gala every spring and they invited all the asian americans for office and they're like eight of us running for congress at the time except for me. They didn't invite me. Do you know who invited me. And i went and they all died. Andrew yang invited me to go as his date so andrew and they all were like holy fuck. She came like and i was told by more than one person. There that they feel like my platform is too radical and alienating and do you know why it's because i had black lives matter on my website and i was told specifically to take that down because it's too alienating to a lot of asian people

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