Climate Change Will Displace Millions. Here's How We Prepare

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It was about two years after hurricane. Katrina that i. I saw the louisiana flood maps. These flood maps are used to show land loss in the past and land loss. That is to come on this particular day at a community meeting. These maps were used to explain. How a thirty foot tidal surge that accompanied hurricane katrina could flood communities like mine and south louisiana and communities across the mississippi and alabama coast. It turns out that the land we were losing was our buffer from the c. I volunteered to interact with the graphics on the wall and in an instant my life change for the second time in two years. The graphic showed massive land loss in south louisiana and in encroaching see but more specifically the graphics showed the disappearance of my community and many other communities before the end of the century. I wasn't alone at the front of the room. I was standing there with other members of south louisiana's communities black native poor. We thought we were just bound by temporary disaster recovery but we found that we were now bound by the impossible task of ensuring that our communities would not be erased by sea level rise due to climate change. Friends neighbors family my community. I just assumed it would always be their land trees marsh by us. I just assumed that it would be there. As it had been for thousands of years i was wrong

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