E3 2018 was full of games

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Of the biggest outdoor live video game tournaments ever in north america but to give you an even better idea everything that went down and what it all means for the world of video games julia alexander is here over the line from los angeles where she's been spending the last week taking in everything at e three julia senior internet culture reporter for the video game outlive polygon hedge julia how's it going three it's kind of like aig conglomerate of every single major video game publisher and developer coming out and showing their biggest titles to both if you hundred lucky fans who've managed to get tickets and video game so what does it look like tickets they what does it paints the picture it's a major convention center in downtown los angeles ever the rooms are incredibly dark because there are vibrant neon signs leading up publishers like sony and microsoft and intendo people are running around and darting trust trying to get their hands on the newest game games like super smash brothers which you mentioned people just want to get their hands on it there's a lot of people walking around and pointing at games if they can't wait to actually get their hands on it's kind of like a beautiful chaotic mess you've also said it's like the oscars of the video game world right yeah i think or comic con is another great example if this is the big event for the video game industry this is where everyone comes out and shows up the biggest games that they're working on or into where all the executives can talk to them about what's coming up i mean this is kind of like chris christmas comes early every year of the video game industry in june so you mentioned super smash brothers earlier a favorite game of mine i'll see that and you said it was one of the biggest titles of the year of one of the biggest moments d three was the unveiling of super smash brothers what super brothers all about julia she collects a bunch of like to characters think mario and donkey kong and in santa's from the metro games and puts them all in one game where.

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