17 killed in stampede after brawl at crowded Caracas club


The prisoner overpowered the two deputies shooting them with one of their own guns the inmate was also shot is in stable condition now sheriff's department major kelly bailiff says the deputies did everything they were supposed to do you need a safe the incident occurred inside the gated area the deputies followed procedure and they secured the area with the chain before the incident occurred a candlelight vigil for the fallen deputies will be held tomorrow night in front of kansas city hall wbz news time three ten a nightclub a nightclub brawl in venezuela turns into a stampede killing seventeen people the interior minister says eight children are among the dead another five people are injured authorities say there was a tear gas explosion after the fight broke out during a graduation celebration at a club in caracas seven people are under arrest including the owner of the club and the person who apparently launched the tear gas a candidate for rhode island governor is taking heat for saying her chinese rival was digging so deep to get out of a campaign scandal that he'll soon quote be in china gop rep patricia morgan was criticizing rival republican allan fung over campaign finance irregularities during a broadcast interview this week when morgan's comment was questioned morgan said she didn't mean it as an ethnic in an ethnic manner but fung's wife took to twitter calling morgan's remarks stupid reflecting her insecurities wbz news time three eleven wbz's chris pharma joins us now the ace hticket dot com sports studio thank you garo steven wright looks to remain perfect on.

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