Surprise offseason camp standouts to know for 32 NFL teams - 2018


To the whole success of the football team let's talk about it eight five five two one two four juju seven we start with jake in grand rapids michigan first up today on the gresh show on cbs sports radio good afternoon jake pillow jake all right well i guess jake is in the air then eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four cbs and i'm also check it out here i'm looking at the the nfl twitter by the way you can hit me up on twitter at the real gresh gre age atlanta falcons pass rusher vic beasley yes he's doing his football camp today and that's a part of the reason why i think we've got some folks out here who in theory it'd be willing to talk some nfl because you get these camps your cross you you know you're out this summer you know you're going to see these players depending on where you live you're going to hear about the events that they do because this is this is really the five or six weeks before everybody gets to ramp up before training camp starts and once these players get the training camp forget about it you know they're going to be all over the place but you know in digging deep on some of these teams i read some stuff as to how excuse me as to how sam bradford is disseminating information to the other quarterbacks there with the zona cardinals and trying to quote unquote smarten up guys like josh rosen and others those are the kinds of things that you need when you're trying to get people up to speed but look is this is this going to be a situation where there's really going to be a true battle or because sam bradford comes in with such a knowledge of not only the offense but the nfl that he is going to be the starter coming out of camp and then do you see a shift along the way here's the thing about sam bradford arizona quickly he's so dangerous because he plays well enough not to lose the starting job but does he play so great the extreme oh my god we have to keep him in the lineup to the phones jesse in tulsa oklahoma is first up today on the gresh show on cbs sports radio.

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