Giuliani says informant info key to Trump interview with Robert Mueller


Thirteen here before seven wbz t danika patrick's last race before retiring yesterday not a good one she crashed at the end e five hundred today was really disappointing for what we were hoping for you want for your last race i'm grateful for all of it so could've finished stronger will power won the race in here in charlotte kyle busch won the coca cola six hundred check of the headlines on this memorial day will president trump talk with the special prosecutor about the russia investigation will not if trump's lawyers have their way president's lawyer rudy giuliani saying they will advise mr trump refuse any interview with special counsel robert muller unless the president's lawyers can review classified information shared with secret lawmakers giuliani says if muller subpoenas the president they will fight it all the way to the supreme court giuliani also says he doubts the president would fire muller saying that would be quote playing the victim andy field abc news washington charlotte's morning news is twelve minutes here before seven o'clock all kinds of promotional vehicles have been around charlotte this weekend because of the the the rates out at the speedway there was the goodyear blimp flying around did you see that well the other day there was another cool vehicle in town it's stop by here the crispy cream bus so we're riding around surprising and delighting people that's d campbell and she rides around delighting people with crispy cream donuts she travels around and a nineteen sixty flexible streamline our bus it looks like an old city it used to be a tour bus they call it the crispy cream cruiser the destination light on front says one sweet ride well so we're stepping on the crispy cream cruiser i could like live here there's a couch every diner table there's a bed in the back was the strangest reaction you've had pulling up in this bosnian giving away some donuts people always honking wave they're always excited and don't really realize how cool the bus is and then when they get on everybody is definitely surprised see her face right there holy cow ninety today when people stepped onto the sweet ride d was handing out samples of crispy.

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